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  • jw3992002 jw3992002 Oct 14, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    Need Help

    Would someone bring me up to date on how to hit the ignore button, which I can't find with the new format? I want to delete the attention starved sleaze individual, and also can't determine how to make a complaint to those that should be controlling this board.



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    • Also, Schwab does not limit you anymore to just 100 ignores so you can put all the jerks on that list.

    • First you have to open one of the offensive posts. Then right at the top just to the right of the post title is a little drop down that says Flag. You can either choose to ignore and/or report abuse to Yahoo about the poster. You can see from the posts that Yahoo screens for bad language, so these guys intentionally misspell their bad words. This one we have is creative, I have to give him that. I am especially creeped out with this one because I keep having this mental image of this sexual deviant clown running around loose, well I guess cuz he calls himself KLOWN.

      Chinese Hamsters

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      • Thanks CH, I was able to clean up my screen a bit, but you were right, this guy changes his name so much that I had to hit ignore numerous times, but I also included 'report user' each time, so they may get tired of seeing those, and might hopefully figure how to eliminate him.
        We made up some ground so far today with the rumored settlement possibilities, so it is nice to see something like good news instead of drops in the stock price and inane smut messages from a troubled individual.



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