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  • swing_trader37 swing_trader37 Apr 2, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

    RPC, Inc. Announces Share Repurchases in the First Quarter of 2012

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    • "So what is done is something called adjusted close price. This adjusted close price will take all the closing prices before the split and divide them by the split ratio. So when you look at the charts it will seem as if the price was always $25. Both the Yahoo! historical price charts[1] and the Google historical price charts[2] show the adjusted close prices."

      Also - earnings per share and all other ratios are adjusted with the split. Splits have zero effect.

    • The stock buy-back tells me management believes the company is undervalued and is a very bullish sign. I am sure they picked up most of those shares in the $10 range. Obviously they know the economic environment (and had a good feel for company performance in q1) and would not have purchased the shares if they expected poor financial performance in the future(otherwise they could just wait and by the shares cheaper).

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      • Your comment is way too naive or you are just an amateur.

        They are supposedly doing a buy-back because they want us to think they are doing the right stuff for the company,BUYBACK wooaw that sounds good,the problem is that nobody except maybe you believes in these management-insiders are honest after all these stcck manipulation.
        Their buyback is meaningless 1.8 % of outstanding ,nothing just A LOT OF NOISE,a distraction ,so we can swallow and maybe forget that they made a SPLIT-(share donation to themselves).3 for 2..they got an extra stock and they left you my friend OUTSIDE.

        If you check insiders trades ,the trick is as follow ,they declare the Split they buy in in order to secure the new shares and afterwards they usually dump them to the market but at 2/3 of what they were valued.

        Check the splits back in dec 2010 and in march 2012..they did the same dirty trick.

        As stadistics and financial information ratios are not changed in time,you think you are purchasing a great stock ,when in fact you are only having a fraction of it.

        Also they know that the historical charts for the share will show you a stock that is been going down for no apparent reason.(unless you know with anticipation that it has been split)

        Lets not say that they may even pay some of those cheap-unethical individuals.. "HELLO GRET".. ( seeking alpha) to pump the stock at around the date is been split in order to catch more fish on the net.

        In fact the high short ration means there is a lot of people that think like me.

    • boggles my mind why they would split just to buy back shares but it's good to have some support if the stock drops. How large is the buy back program? Anyone?

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      • 2,6mm\219,5mm = 1,19 % of shares outstanding.

        thats nothing. ~NADA~

        These vampires(stock price manipulators )seeem to be desperatelly looking for new blood(fools).
        The stock split was not necessary the stock price was no high by any means.In my opinion these management-technocrats think the rest of us are stupids.There is no way U can keep deceiving the market all the time..PLEASE CHANGE THAT TOONE.
        As a possible new investor i would suggest you to be very
        wary of these management and insiders ,they seem to be more worried of manipulating the price than to reorient drill to more profitable sites.

      • pretty strange indeed.
        Why would they do it.

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