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  • dodi.handy dodi.handy Jul 6, 2010 10:15 AM Flag

    S&W Seed Company Investor Relations

    Good Morning, All:
    First, allow me to thank everyone for your interest in S&W Seed Company. We are hopeful that online message boards, such as this one, will serve as productive and informative forums for meaningful discussion among investors and for gaining greater perspective on S&W, its business developments and its growth prospects. My firm, Elite Financial Communications Group, along with PR Financial Marketing, have the pleasure of providing the Company's shareholders and the general investor community with timely, accurate information on S&W - to that end, I'd like to invite you to contact us at to request being added to the Company's email databases or to receive a comprehensive investor kit for your own due diligence purposes. Should you have specific questions or require immediate assistance, you may also call us at 407-585-1080.

    As a newly listed Nasdaq company with a profitable operating history spanning three decades, and as the only pure play seed company currently trading on the public markets, S&W's managment team appreciates how important it is to provide the investment community with the greatest possible transparency into its business operations so that value can be assessed and rewarded based on the merit of the Company's performance. We look forward to assisting the Company in ensuring that this occurs.

    Because it appears that there are posters on this board who appear to be intent on maligning S&W, Elite, PR Financial and key members of the management team for purposes unknown, I'd like to strongly encourage you to conduct your own independent due diligence.

    As it is contrary to our policy to engage in discussions on message boards, please feel free to contact me directly at 407-585-1080 should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for how we may prove to be even more effective in building a strong communications platform for S&W.

    Thank you again for interest in S&W.
    Best Regards,
    Dodi B. Handy
    President and CEO

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    • Dodi have you examined the activity on this board and come to the realization that your company has been targeted by a boiler room?

    • Be sure and tape record all calls.

    • Hopefully you understand that your company was under attack from the first day it was listed and that the company has been targeted by a boiler room as easy prey.

      YOU are in a position to address this predator,contact Yahoo and insist that the offending posts as well as the offending posting aliases are deleted. The Hydra personality who is attacking S&W Seed has been active on these boards for many years and has generated in excess of 20,000 predatory posts.

      Took a few minutes to update the alias list and discovered that you are losing ground everywhere. I revised many of the posts counts which you can note as they were preceded by /, for example "old321/299new" taken from the records as of 06/30/2010. Nice to see that Yahoo recognizes the nature of your activities and is willing to take a stand.
      Have a grand day!

      alabamaselma=join_07/28_Tot bashes = 858 (terminated)
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