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  • jaredo_wens jaredo_wens May 4, 2011 7:41 AM Flag

    Basher solution

    Even if you folks are not motivated to take the above extreme measure I do suggest that you make it a habit of filing TOS complaints against the boiler room that has targeted this board.

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    • The other credible scenario is that both jaredo and koufax are stooges and any "bashers" here are simply seeking truth and disdain the pumptarded cretins who pump junk.

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    • A boiler room operation targeting lil 'ol SANW?

      Hehehehe, the sincerest form of flattery!

      A process of elimination reveals NOT a MB front for S.I. because there is no short bet on the stock. That leaves either a scripted bash campaign to separate retail from their shares OR a low budget attack emanating from a disgruntled entity a) on the losing side of a labor dispute b) on the losing end of a past litigation.

      Even boiler rooms require "results" and if the 2 yr. SANW chart is an indication of the future, I'd say those boys better look into different career paths.

      Personally, I'd prefer them to stick around. A kind of a contra indicator!


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      • 1 Reply to koufax62
      • Look at how the hydra basher is rating your posts as a negative. As to the short position it went up to 50,872 from 39,534. A nice % increase during the reporting period. The basher was I think the first person to post on the board and appears to be the boards most prolific poster. I think the only way to rid yourself of this group/person is to contact the S&W and continue doing so until they take action against the short and distort group that has targeted yahoo boards.

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