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  • roadkill123321 Nov 30, 2012 8:38 AM Flag

    m.skellern is also an idiot

    just put roadkill on ignore= "i cant refute your arguments, so i'm just going to stop listenting to them." truly one of the hallmarks of a great investor...NOT wanting to hear the other side, just putting your head in the sand and whistling, every post you guys make just goes to show how stoopids you really is

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    • RK it all eminates from the same hidden agenda group, so of course anything positive that you post is going to be ignored or brushed off with responses lacking in substance.

      It's obvious that shares are extremely tough to accumulate so what do you expect. Over the course of this CY the only large buyers that acquired meaningful quantity were the ones that got in on the offerings and they gladly did so without getting any discount to the open market price at the time.

      This particular ticker is way off the beaten path so there aren't many small change retail swing traders to shake out thus rendering what the bashers post "an exercise in fultility". The guys that count (major/large holders) don't read this MB and if they did would just ignore them.

      No shares for sale is the recurring theme day in and day out as volume dries up to nothing. Lets see what happens after the presentation and interest spikes in the shares.

      Have a good one RK!


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