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  • stevencath Sep 10, 2009 11:58 PM Flag

    TELANVANCIN if FDA OK does matter *********

    Cubist is going to make 25% to 35% per qtr in the US with competition now ( 4 now and another with possibly Theravance )
    Theravance possibly( if OK’d to sell) not to sell to pregnanted woman or young kids.---------
    Also CUBICIN is growing selling against taking main ---competition ---Vancomycin that genereic antibiotic and has long been the treatment of last resort. I don’t get this -----we are working about TEVA pharm. and has to court in thirty months (which CBST is covered by PATENDED)
    What I’m getting out is ----(CBST) will sell CUBICIN in the US -----also Phizer Inc drug company and Vancomycin generic drug are the largist companys in competition with CUBIST and (CBST) is in high growth 25% to 35% per qtr. ---------CBST does don’t have to work abount ----------Theravance getting an ok on its drug ( not safe to sell on pregnanted woman or young kids) is something CBST -------have to worry about ------

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