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  • cliffbanger86 cliffbanger86 Mar 22, 2012 7:06 PM Flag


    The "one" seller disappears and the shares rise. Actually were a few nice block buys today. Hopefully you are sleeping better.

    It is so easy to trace the identity of the seller if MBND comes out with a negative surprise on Monday and the share price declines. However, for this very reason, I highy doubt that will be the case.

    Again, MBND put out a PR stating they will be reporting record revenues and EBITDA on Monday. If they also report disappointing Q4 and/or 2012 guidance, they risk losing credibility. Mandel is too shrewd for that here.

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    • There was one thing about the preannouncement that bothered me. They said we will see record revenue and adjusted EBITDA but no mention of earnings. Not sure if that is significant or not but is a bit of a warning flag maybe. Also adjusted EBITDA tells me that there are going to be some nonrecurring expense items which will make the final number look less impressive.

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      • Actually the company has been using adjusted Ebitda for awhile now. We all know there will not be record earnings due to an extraordinary 2011 income that results in such a low p/e right now.

        The company stated adjusted Ebitda would be in the range of 22-24mm on the last CC and repeated it in early January so no real concerns there either.

        I think the q4 will be in-line with 2012 guidance reflecting nice growth and that be the driver to get the price going up. It is too low right now given forward p/e and adjusted Ebitda numbers for 2011 and an increased guidance for 2012 should hopefully do the trick. At least that is what I believe.

    • Thanx for trying, cliffbanger (is that really your moniKer). Deep sleep eludes me and I find little rationale among small cap movements in this market other than media PR which is fleeting. We have fifteen hours of trading to go over four days, I'm sure to run out of my meds by then.

      As for Mandel - yes, he is a sly one, I take no comfort there. Anyone know what brand car he drives, if at all.