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  • dickeypiper1 dickeypiper1 Jan 23, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    The question that should be asked

    is to MDTV management:

    "why would you start merging your assets/business with a company that has yet to finalize payment for them?"

    on another note the M&A guys must really think that Mandel is a complete sap/patsy....definitely the guy they call when trying to sell a POS company.

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    • who ever heard of rolling/half finished acquisitions? What a mess.

    • judging by the stock price, there is no deal. If there is a deal, MDTV is a huge steal. There's no deal. And when the no deal is announced, I think MBND pops, maybe to $3.

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      • Why is MDTV a "steal" if the deal goes through. They are getting paper worth less than the MDTV current stock price...and then the former MDTV holders can pray that MBND gets to $4 to be made whole.

      • definitely agree that if an announcement is made saying the deal is off we quickly see an upward move in the stock price

        meanwhile as he has been doing for the last 9-12 months Mandel is hard at work on the loan package, line of credit, etc. So many offers sitting on his desk that he must sift through..................


        M&A Guy: I need a commission.....I'll call Mandel and see if I can get him to buy a POS company that no one else will touch.

    • because mdtv has no money left and its ceo hates its shareholders. The board approved his bloated pay as well. FULL owns the MDTV debt, they get paid first. A Full Rep. is on the board of MDTV.
      For many years Nelson has been setting MDTV for this, unbeknownst to its naive shareholders.

      The entire MDU industry is mom and pop type operations that need to consolidate. FULL has there own Ygnition. Wave Broadband is another. Internet providers are raising prices ,Charter for one.
      Once they all consolidate the MDU business will make money, but the question remains, who will be
      its leader? Mandel and Nelson don't possess the ability. Charter is only $2 less now than satellite internet, soon satellite providers will have a cheap enough, fast enough product to compete. But so will cellular in big cities.