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  • Don't they have to file a 10-Q by the end of the month?

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    • Last year they reported March 26th. Years prior they reported March 31st. Yahoo has them reporting on the 25th.

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      • Err 10-K. Freudian slip because it was a most forgettable year.

        That doesn't give much notice. I'll guess that they'll put out a release tomorrow scheduling it for Thursday the 28th. Usually companies give at least 2 weeks. MBND management aren't the best communicators. I will give them credit that they're not afraid to change their mind with data, which I like. If MDU works out and they're able to roll out the high speed internet using in-house technology, WPCS will, in hindsight, be a great move. Otherwise, it was a waste of money.

        I can't figure out what's going on. Part of me thinks they're being prepped for sale, part of me thinks they're staying the course and just cutting costs. They're not giving out vans like candy to new employees anymore. The largest shareholder continues to buy shares on the open market so either management is addressing his concerns or he's buying for control. I think it's more likely the former, what is going from 11% to 13% going to change? I imagine the votes would already be there for a proxy fight if he were so inclined. Other large shareholders, Marx/Greenhouse have expressed that they wanted the company sold.