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  • strangerthingshavehappenedzbop2 strangerthingshavehappenedzbop2 Mar 4, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    E Power Numbers and Financing Agreement

    Lets say epower does 10 trucks a month
    and axion makes $ 100.00 profit per battery
    $ 56,000.00 per month, or $168,000.00 per quarter
    with what every one believes is roughly a 2 million per quarter burn rate.

    If they do 20 trucks a month,
    and make $ 336,000.00 per quarter
    they will only be losing about 1.5 to 1.6 million per quarter.

    The PR says: " ePower Engine Systems has consented to a five year initial term with Axion Power that includes the exclusive use of Axion's PbC® batteries, "
    so it looks like ePower has this locked up.

    Well it is probably a good time to announce the financing
    I think they announced they were running out of money 3/31.

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    • maybe, just maybe, the technology is being proved? god forbid anyone who has it out for this company will allow for one piece of good news. in this business no one customer can or will jump "all in", at one time

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    • It's all crappola. You'll see.

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    • a.dulll56 Mar 4, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

      another scam to sell worthless shares

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • strangerthingshavehappenedzbop2 strangerthingshavehappenedzbop2 Mar 4, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

        Poster Froggey kindly reminds us that:

        ""We have to remember that ePower is only planning to make 12 this year and 40? next."

        I think I gave the absolute BEST case scenario for Axion revenue from ePower for the
        next 2 years. I think some may say I was even pumping it,

        Lets take Froggey #s and project.
        And lets BOOST the Axion "profit" in doing so.

        Lets say Axion makes $ 400.00 per battery !
        56 battery per truck. That is $ 22,400 per truck.
        That takes alot out of the ePower profit - that means ePower profit cut into significantly.

        Since ePower is created it, makes it, sells it, warranty's it, I find it hard to believe
        they would give Axion the lion share of the profit.

        I think it doubtful Axion would make $ 400.00 per battery
        possibly best bet is $ 200.00 per battery I think reasonable $ 100.00 per battery
        (back to my initial presumption I still think reasonable).

        But lets stick with Froggey #s and
        If $ 400.00 per battery, x 56 per truck,
        Times 12 trucks that is $ 268,800.00 per year for Axion
        peanuts for an estimated 2 million a QUARTER burn rate.
        Times 24 trucks, that is $ 537,600.00 per year
        with an estimated 2 MILLION per QUARTER burn rate.

        Even with Great Benefit and Fantastic profit estimate
        there appears no money with ePower; at least not for the next 2 years.

        Correction not only welcome but insisted upon ! Less

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