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  • paulfingspears paulfingspears Nov 26, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

    Tommy K smacks down JP

    Petersen's deception called out on SA by Konrad
    Tom Konrad
    Nov 25 11:04 AM
    John, I feel that you mis-characterize my article. I gave three scenarios, only the most pessimistic of which (scenario 2) would drive the stock price down to the $0.06 range. I then said "I think the most likely result is some combination of scenarios 2 and 3. The note holders will succeed in driving down Axion’s share price in the short term, but this process may be interrupted by positive news."
    Scenario 3 had the share price reaching a low of 12 cents a share before rebounding if there were some positive news. So far, there has been no positive news, and the low (10 cents) has been between the two scenarios I thought most likely. I also said that I thought investors should sell at 17 cents.

    Overall, I think I did quite well - the path of AXPW fell within the range I predicted, and selling at $0.17 would have been a good move. Sure, I gave a wide range, but sometimes knowing when we don't know anything is the closest we can get to wisdom.

    I've been wrong a lot more than I'd like, and I like to think I admit it when I am. I appreciate that you also admit when you are wrong as well, but please don't drag me into it when I don't deserve to be dragged in."

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    • Well I am sure Mr Konrad is a nice guy 'n all but actually he did say the most likely scenario (scenario 2) was that the price would fall to $0.06. It is written in black and white so not sure why he is complaining.

      "in my second scenario, which I consider most likely, the note holders will attempt to drive the share price down in the short term....In the scenario I modeled, they succeed in driving the price down below 6c in the september october time frame"

      Actually he was spot on with his scenario 1 where the share price stays stable for several months at about 13c. Chart shows that is correct.

      Although Mr Konrad said of his scenario 1 "I don't think this scenario is at all likely, but I have included it as a baseline".

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