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  • strangerthingshavehappenedzbop2 strangerthingshavehappenedzbop2 Dec 23, 2013 4:35 PM Flag


    If I had to guess I would guess there is no way, it is not reasonable to consider,
    it would be foolish, and in fact stupid

    for Norfolk Southern to move forward with the old batteries

    the old batteries that were apparently, in part, hand made

    especially when there is now claimed an automated line ( not hand made)

    an automated line that is claimed to make a better battery.

    Is it stupid to believe that Norfolk Southern would move forward
    without ordering new batteries, I think so. I think any reasonable person
    has to think so.

    If I had to guess, the chance of seeing a NS train with Axion batteries
    PRIOR to the order of the 'new' batteries --- is ZERO.

    Does anyone really believe NS wants to spend a million to refurbish the train
    with old batteries, and to test old batteries, when new batteries have different
    quality ?

    Does anyone really believe Axion wants NS to test the old batteries and risk failure
    When they claim they have new better batteries ?

    Well let me be conservative, the chance of NS moving forward and rebuilding the train
    and testing the train, risking failure, when they already failed and were embarrassed by Odyssey
    batteries, is 2 %. I will give it 2 %.

    Anyone telling you differently, I think is fooling you. Good luck.

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    • New Life For the “Green Weenie” Electric Locomotive

      Railway giant Norfolk Southern launched its ambitious all-electric NS 999 locomotive project in 2007, and since then it has been chugging steadily, if slowly, along. The pace has been picking up of late, though. At a recent trade conference, the company and its partner, Axion Power, documented improvements in the locomotive’s battery management system that leapfrogs the technology into the next generation.

      Our sister site,, first began covering the NS 999 prototype when it rolled onto the tracks in 2009. Dubbed the “green weenie” by rail fans, the all-electric locomotive sported 1,080 12-volt lead-acid batteries. If that rings a bell, look under the hood of your car and you’ll see pretty much the same kind of battery.

      Well, that was then, this is now.

      Next-Generation Batteries For An Electric Locomotive
      There have been some promising tweaks to lead-acid batteries, but the difference occurred earlier this year, when NS 999 switched over to a new lead-carbon battery developed by Axion Power.

      The positive electrode follows standard procedure for a conventional lead-acid battery, being composed of lead dioxide. The negative electrode, however, subs in a supercapacitor made of activated carbon for the sponge lead found in a conventional battery, hence the moniker PbC® battery.

    • Johnny's penlight batteries ran out of juice a long time ago.

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