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  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 Jun 27, 2013 9:41 AM Flag


    & the reasons why ....would get past the north america traffickers' censors
    the fed does not live from counterfeiting money alone
    zionist culture of corruption demise is nigh
    the 4 horsemen's steeds are kicking at the barn door .....

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    • Syria & saudi arabia war of words...
      if adu dhabi & dubai fall, that creates a large cash flow problem for one specifc very large private banking concern & their clientele .....
      blood in the water syndrome....surely the down sizing of trained military personnal, a coincidence, will help fill the ranks to fend off competitors .....surely black water is still on the pad to assist in the new re-enforcements training & thinking
      arms & munitions sales will be brisk
      certainly one of many effective deversions by the hordes of the north

      these warlords from the north know all the zionists weaknesses
      the problem this time, the zionists have nary a card left to play

      a wild card to the aforementioned could have been awakened from his sleep?
      the haarp scalar wave weapon, that purportedly does not exist but used off the coast of nj & parts of ny... i beleive awakened him ....this particular ancient warrior & his navy bows to no other false gods or warlords.....perhaps the catalyst for the virtual war?

      other than his navy all other navy titantium spheres, ground forces & weapon systems will no doubt be deemed a clear & present threat to be eliminated ......

      i also believe, he & his navy were given the opportunity to leave terra 1 for terra 2 ...
      he obviously likes terra 1 better ......the forces on this planet &their weapon systems who could hurt him are none equistant concerning the virtual war .....leastwise, until he becomes a participant in the real battle


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