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  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 Oct 10, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Darkside Anunnaki

    They just could be even bigger slobs than the reptilians
    if you're not a complete and total slob you aren't darkside
    two exceptions to the darkside slob rule.... Okay dokey and warlord
    the darkside bosses were not slobs ....
    go figure

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    • Our darkside antagonists are on the SPY m.b and like Chicken Little, one lies and the other swears to it, telling all the sky isn't falling
      I can sense their fear ....okay dokey & the warlord haven't even made their 1st real move on the chess board yet and they're already pooping in their pants .....Now that the Russian central banks are ready for all new customers, countries who have been systematically screwed over by the Zionists, how long will it be before the USD is replaced as the reserve currency and Zionist bankers are still with us?
      Tick Tock
      Ole Karen Hudes could see it coming but few others, other than the Russian central bank charter members, both known and under the horizon, ......Meanwhile the culture of corruption have their limo drivers drop them off on the hill, wearing their $5k suits, l to hear a violin concerto while wining and dining on the tax payers dime as if nothing is wrong
      Gotta love the unmitigated ballz of these parasitic Zionist puppets....
      Living large like there's no tomorrow
      Zionists and their pets are already redundant ....Dumb enough not to know it '- ]

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      • You've been drinking far too much TEA. I suggest you try some Vodka chilled in the freezer... it works much better to clear the mind... just ask Putin. If straight up shots are too strong for your sissy American #$%$, you can try making a mixer with that old American favorite...Kool-Aid

        PS: I'm still waiting on that simple science lesson on ALD water purification technology.... but I doubt any such explanation is forthcoming huh Loony Indian?

      • Ah, one of the Zionist's pets just joined us .....chicken little's puppet ...THE SKY ISN'T FALLING AND EVERYTHING IS GUM DROPS & LOLLIPOPS ....WILL SEE HOW HAPPY THE BAAL CONTIGENT IS WHEN HER BOSS WITH THE WARLORD COME TO TAKE HER OUT ON A DATE ....a little pun
        aside: I still get mail at the inn for dead Zionists, scavengers, and a former OrI mentor et alia
        Mail isn't delivered here through portals anymore, leastwise while I'm still the innkeeper
        I even gotten mail for MirandaAct,, Ms Chubby, all the way from Brooklyn...
        Except for okay dokey's two visits, the second with the warlord, one of the original 53s who wanted to get an early jump, a lot of military toys that disappeared and the anunnaki slobs via the Rocky Mtns's been almost blissfully quiet ...other than a few human low lifes that keep me on my toes
        Some still hear the walkie talkie folks but, I think they just enjoy making "Sound" and letting our darkside guests know they are around and let the Guardian know they have his back
        I'd go into battle with my friends, anytime and anyplace ....
        Not to mention I do have the best Boss' in the universe and patiently waiting to join Them to fight the Good fight ...
        PS I can feel it in the air ....We're close '-)))

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