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  • usga2008 usga2008 Nov 23, 2008 1:27 PM Flag

    Salute To George W. Bush

    Two years ago when the Democrats gained control of congress the price of gasoline was around $2.00 per gallon. George encouraged Congress to "look ahead" at developing the oil rich deposits owned by U S Citizens like you and me. George wanted several areas opened to drilling to protect the poor and under privileged from the cruel indirect social tax of higher gasoline prices. He wanted to protect all Americans from being dependent on oil from countries that hate our freedom of religious expression.

    The democrats fought George at every opportunity. As the price of gas skyrocketed the Democrats sat on their hands and watched Americans put their hard earned dollars into the gas tank instead of food or housing. As the oil speculators saw the Democrats refusing the smallest concession to develop our oil resources, they drove the price of a barrel of oil higher and higher.

    George finally decided to move independently in July of 2008 and declared the U S offshore open to future drilling. Almost immediately the price of oil stopped rising. Amazing to some, the price started slowly falling. Now, the U S and the rest of the world is saving 6 Trillion dollars annually that would have partially fallen into the hands of those that hate Americans.

    George W. had broken the back of the speculators. The U S Congress dominated by Democrats did NOTHING. They hurt every American by their actions. You are enjoying $2.00 once again thanks to George. It won't last. With the Democrats in charge of the Executive and Legislative branches of Government, we will once again see $4.00 gasoline or even higher.

    George W. thanks for this brief relief from higher prices. Thanks for being a friend to the American people. Thanks for keeping America strong. AND - Most of All - Thanks for restoring dignity to the office of the President of the United States.

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