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  • xtsnetwitless xtsnetwitless Feb 20, 2009 5:26 PM Flag

    CNBC The Naked Shorts Best Friend!!

    Youbetcha they are in the Pay of the Big Funds who Illeagally Naked Short the Market and theh Paid Phony Drama Queen sold Out Whores Like P-Rick Santelli the Smelli phony Drama Queen who did his Staged Contrived whining Rant on CNBC and had the other Paid Whores on CNBC immediately show it over and over are the Wall Street Crooked Illegal Shorts Best Friends

    The Liars on CNBC Pumped this Phony Ruinous Bush Repub De-Regulation Failure Ideology all the Way into the ground!!

    The Public should Be Outraged At The Mis-information and Paid Propoganda of CNBC Channel of the Criminal Wall Street CEO Piggy Fools

    WE should be Ranting about the Betrayal of Investors who Watch theses Lying Sold out Whores for the Shorts! Thry need to be held responsible for their Lies to the Public especially the Idiot pumpin Liar Larry Kudlow

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