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  • jog49 jog49 Mar 18, 2014 12:19 PM Flag

    Simply Amazing....

    how rumor, innuendo, and no basis news can cause large price swings in share price. Fannie Mae will generate multi-billions in profits for this quarter, next quarter, and, probably, every quarter in the future yet the logically insane are able to pull down the price routinely. Those who are vocal about closing/winding down the GSEs have ulterior motives and I can tell you, they are not above board. It almost looks as if we are in a third world country, and if that's the case, let the shareholders know, and we'll begin acting like rebels do in a third world country.
    Still think we need a shareholders' civil lawsuit against the government and name all the principals as liable. That way, we can start scewing with their bank accounts and livelihoods as they are screwing with my retirement (as owner of Fannie and Freddie shares) as well as yours.

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    • This is call insider trading as price falls, senators and congressman will buy the stocks and then they will kill the bill sot the stock price will go up. They are exempt from insider trading.

    • Harry Reid (mouthpiece for Obama and diehard lib) even admits that this bill has very little chance of getting approved through both houses yet it continues to sell off as though it's a done deal. We've all seen this kind of fear knee jerk reaction before - hold through the hysteria and reap the rewards.

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      • When you get up in the vicinity of 100 million shares traded, it's panic selling. Joe Blow and his sort are selling like crazy but what we need to know is the identity of the buyers. It's not the MMs because they don't have the resources so who's left with that kind of dough?
        I believe it will be those who have to file their holdings in an update in the near future.

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