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  • dumaslong dumaslong Feb 20, 2003 5:59 PM Flag

    Bear-Stern is correct >$1 for 10 trad

    g days will get OPLK back in good graces with NASDAQ. The close has to be above a buck, not the daily high.
    Which is why WEI-ZHONG needs to be horsewhipped for trading below a buck.
    What kind of a CTO would do such a stupid thing???
    Sure is not a very company minded employee to be at such a high position!!!!!!!!
    Even if he has 2M+ shares, he has all quarter to sell for tax purposes.

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    • Chinese says: "The light is shining on the man who is dying soon; the very last glorious moment all there can be!"
      Yes, I think that won't be a problem. But don't get too ambitious. The boat is sinking, and the barbarian boss guy is paddling hard or get removed from the chart.

      I am going back to my other topic now.
      Good Luck

    • Pls hit $1.05 or more..I need to a payment for my rent, it will give it to me by this week>>>

    • it seems the war is just round the corner. but i still believe this stock will up to $1.10. the management is trying very hard to maintain the $1.00 mark these two days with the market sentiment right now.

    • oh lol i've been waiting for reaching $1.00 so long and i sell some of them for $1.10 Monday...Now our golden fortune is coming hehehe!!

    • hi, love, don't waste your time to respond to bear_stearn, he's just too stupid. forget him! just make money here and enjoy your life.

    • haha, you are now change your words. so oplk is not at $.70. it's worth $1.00. anyway, you look dumb, no matter how you try!!!
      still the same logic:
      sales up
      cogs is down
      gross margin is up
      other expenses are down
      company should be priced lower!!!
      that's bear_stearn logic.
      thanks for your posting.

    • did you read eto's posting this morning?
      "3. With the low trading volumn everyday, the price is very easy to manipulate. Therefore, the management will do every possible work to pump up the price to stay above $1.00 for a period when the hearing is near."
      he already predicted the price is artificial. the point is, you are here to try to make some money. as long as you can make money, who cares who is running and how he is running the company. you are not marrying the company. when the time come, sell it and leave it.

    • Bear hunting season is open!!!

      * Oplink reported December quarter pro forma EPS of $(0.03) on
      revenues of $5.1M. This compares to our estimates of $(0.03) EPS on revenues
      of $6.0M. Revenues declined on general demand weakness and customer holiday
      closures. While revs declined 16% seq, absolute net income did improve to a
      $5.2M loss from a $6.8M loss (driven by lowered operating expenses).
      * We expect that COGS will begin to come down in the March quarter as
      Oplink sees the benefit of restructuring actions that occurred at the end of
      the Dec quarter. Reflecting this, we est. the co. could post materially
      improved gross margins (8.0% estimate vs. -11.2% in the Dec. qtr).
      * Oplink guided to an improved March quarter, based on good customer
      activity in January and on continued expense reductions. We estimate
      revenues could approach the $6.0M level the co. saw in the Sept. quarter and
      that op. expenses could come down about $700k in the March quarter
      (reflecting exclusion of one-time charge in G&A seen in Dec).
      * Oplink has stepped up its Optical Manufacturing Services initiative.
      While this could benefit gross margin by increasing equipment utilization,
      we believe it is too early to determine the extent to which this will impact
      revenues or gross margin.
      * Our model. We are lowering our FY03 revenue est. to $23.3M from
      $24.5M while keeping EPS unchanged at $(0.11). We are introducing FY04
      estimates of $26.8M revs and $(0.05) EPS.
      * We maintain our Neutral rating and $1.00 TP. With weak end-market
      demand, we see no catalysts for OPLK shares in the near-term future. Without
      returning to profitability, we believe shares will trade at a discount to
      cash per share (currently $1.29).

    • Unfortunately - Price is manipulated (even at this pitiful level) - easy to do with small trades from Taiwan dollars (same folks who kill AVNX deal). They don't want to be delisted.

      Someone ask "where can you buy over a dollar with only 80 cents?" Not here, this extra cash reserve will be erased.

      All that will be left is J Liu in his "gangsta" Mercedes with the drool on the steering wheel, and a receipt for his kids Berkley Falun Gong donations.

    • OPLK has outstanding shares 162213000 as of 12/31/02. if the stock price drop to $.70, that means the total price of all stock is $113,549,100.00. OPLK has over $197 millions cash on hand (only calculate the stockholders equity part as calculated by eto in his 2/14/03 posting). it can purchase back all the share and still has about $83.9 millions. use your brain, can this happen? i will be the first to propose a buy for the whole company and dismantle or liquidate it. buy liquidating the company you may easily make $83.9 millions. i believe most rich guy like to use $113.6 millions to exchange $197 millions cash. don't tell me there is no any guy in the world has $113.6 millions.

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