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  • mark68182000 mark68182000 Dec 18, 2003 2:12 PM Flag

    Funny Quote

    Nominated for quote of the year is the statement made by Representative Dick Armey, who when asked if he had been in President Clinton's place, would he have resigned?
    He responded: "If I were in the President's place I would not have gotten a chance to resign. I would be laying in a pool of my own blood, hearing Mrs. Armey standing over me saying, "How do I reload this damn thing?"

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    • who cares about this crap let's talk stock

    • It is not a very big leap to say that Iraq (having used WMD in the past), and Alqueda, (having a policy of hatred toward the US and having previously attacked our country) would eventually get together, especially since they both live in the 'Grand Central Station'of terrorism. The liberal media does not want to beleve this, but the people of this country understand it, and you can see it in the Presidents approval ratings.


      Saddam Hussein was developing WMD's and had links to terrorism, including Al Qaeda. Information about both of these things has been printed in various media reports, but generally been ignored by the liberal evening network news.

    • "Could you expand a little on these "documents" about Atta being in Iraq?"

      Actually, people are now calling them a forgery. The London Sunday Telegraph published them a few days ago.

      However, there's plenty of other stuff:

      "On April 28, senior administration officials announced that the United States had captured an al Qaeda terrorist operating in Baghdad. The operative is believed to have been an associate of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a top al Qaeda figure who plotted the assassination of Laurence Foley, an American diplomat gunned down in Jordan last fall. Zarqawi is also believed to have received medical treatment in Baghdad after he was wounded fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

      That arrest came shortly after U.S. troops patrolling the Syrian border captured Farouk Hijazi, long believed to have been an outreach coordinator of sorts between the Iraqi government and al Qaeda. Hijazi, formerly a high-ranking Iraqi intelligence official, has confirmed to U.S. officials that he met Osama bin Laden in Sudan in 1994. He denies meeting with al Qaeda officials in 1998, but U.S. officials don't believe him. At that time, a leading newspaper in Rome reported that Hijazi traveled to Afghanistan on December 21, 1998, to offer asylum to bin Laden. The Corriere della Sera described Hijazi as "the person who has been responsible for nurturing Iraq's ties with the fundamentalist warriors since 1994."

      Back then, reports about a budding Hussein-bin Laden partnership were not limited to the foreign press. Newsweek magazine, in its January 11, 1999, issue, ran the headline "Saddam + Bin Laden." The subhead declared, "America's two enemies are courting." The article was written by Christopher Dickey, Gregory Vistica, Russell Watson, and Joseph Contreras. The authors cited reports from an "Arab intelligence source" about the alliance. "

      From the London Sunday Telegraph:

      "Documents found in Baghdad show a link between Saddam Hussein's fallen regime and al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, according to a UK newspaper.
      The Sunday Telegraph says reporter Inigo Gilmore discovered the files in the bombed headquarters of the Mukhabarat, the feared Iraqi intelligence service.

      It says the files, in Arabic, show an al-Qaeda envoy was invited to visit Baghdad secretly in March 1998.

      The report comes only days after its sister paper, the Daily Telegraph claimed to have unearthed documents showing left-wing Labour MP George Galloway received money from the Iraqi regime.

      Mr Galloway denies the claims and plans to sue the paper for libel.

      These latest documents suggest Iraqi officials wanted to pass on an oral message to set up a direct meeting with Bin Laden.

      The 1998 visit described in the documents would have taken place before Washington blamed Bin Laden for the bombings of two US embassies in Africa later that year.

      Mr Gilmore told the BBC he found the documents after being allowed into the intelligence headquarters in Baghdad by US troops guarding the site. "

      There's others as well. There has not been a whiff of this stuff on the evening news.

      The Saudi government has not to my knowledge met with al Qaeda operatives and provided training. In fact they are a target of al Qaeda. Maybe they haven't been as aggressive in the past as they could have been in going after radical elements, but this is hardly a reason to invade them.

    • "I notice you didn't respond to the point I made at all. Talk about "robot". "

      Sorry robo, but you haven't made any point. Don't flatter yourself, you're a dummy.

    • Yes similarities, but you have yet to produce the WMD's that was the reason for this whole deadly American ordeal. Don't you get it, we have lost way too many young people because the president lied to us! It is now a known fact until you can produce & prove otherwise. You would better understand if it was your son or daughter forced to give their lives, needlessly, for that lie.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but we didn't take anything over in the first Gulf War - we drove SH out of Kuwait. As for leaving the oil for the owners, that would have been old Saddam, wouldn't it? How else did he and his boys support that lavish lifestyle?

      Well, he's gone now, so who's gonna control Iraq's oil? The "people"? They can't even provid themselves with basic services.

      More to the point - do you really think the US has to "control" Iraq's oil to profit from it?
      Think of the money certain interests are making just by fixing what was broken during the war.

    • jet, that was absolutely Hillarious!!!

    • follow when debating.


    • evil men of the world and comparing them to SH?

      So President Bush just got rid of a problem as big as the Columbain Drug Cartel?

      He deserves your thanks then, right? That is a very big accomplishment.

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