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  • the_oracle_us the_oracle_us Sep 9, 2004 12:22 PM Flag


    There are NO generators here. There is NO plywood left. If you don't believe me call a Home Depot in 813 or 727 area. Keys evacuate tomorrow. Projected path right now just south of Tampa but to also pass over Keys (my second home). I am getting boards from my in law and making a bunker downstairs. The roof guy is fixing the neighbors and I told him to look at mine but don't fix anything but gaping holes. Roof will be gone if storm comes w/in 150 miles. Time to load up on ALL shares for a real price explosion on this one. PS...I wrote the journalist from yesterday's article and thanked him for his thoughts. Also asked him to look into the scam of why these catastrophies are bringing insurance stock prices up and not down. Something is wrong and we are paying for it.

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    • the_oracle_us plz don't do that if it comes in to tampa area head at a 90 degree direction from the storm. I went through Andrew and everybody I heard said never again. Cat 4-5 should be avoided at all cost not endured. Best wishes.

    • You big weenie, instead of falling victim to global whining and your victimhood reflex, bitching about scams involving insurance companies, you ought to be thankful our capitalistic system allows you to buy insurance that will indemnify you from your stupid decision to live in paradise. If you cannot handle the hassle of the inevitable weather problmes and your deductible, move your ass to Utah or North Dakota. The idea that anyone in FLA does not have a COMPREHENSIVE contingency plan for Hurricanes is a perfect example of the epedemic of weanie-ism that plauges the United States of the entitled whiners.

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      • Nunber2happens I read you're post and the first thing I thought was you are a big asshole. Punks like you talk big crap like that because you never had to face natural disasters back to back with a third one coming. It's easy to tell that you're little bitch talking tough to make himself feel like a man. I'm sure a little girl like you would be crying if you had to face what many of us in Florida have faced allready and are facing again. Now go play grand theft auto and pretend you're a man.

      • If Ivan hits FL it will be a level plain. ALL & others will bail out of FL like rats on a sinking ship. Happened with Andrew only reason some stayed was the State made emergency fund or else nobody would be able to afford the rates.

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