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  • boardreader99 boardreader99 Aug 25, 2010 10:17 AM Flag

    Broke thru our 52 week low today - Obama in charge

    With our clueless president, the recovery continues to stall. It makes you wonder what he has been doing the past 19 months (more like 21 months since the election). We know what Michelle has been doing, vacationing .... spending our tax dollars like there is no tomorrow. From 2003 to 2007 the US Economy created more jobs than ever in history - that was when Bush was in charge.

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    • Motley reports seven insurance stocks near 52 week high boardreader.

      Now get on your knees and beg forgiveness to your president you idiot. Smack your mother for doing such a lousy job raising you retard.

    • Do you realize how ignorant you sound with all this Obama bashing? Or have you forgotten that the financial crisis exploded in Fall 2008, BEFORE Obama ever took office, while Bush and his cronies were asleep at the switch. There are no quick or easy fixes.

      Sheeeesh! Talk about clueless.

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      • Mpressings/clueless:

        The Democrates controlled the House after the 2006 election, and that is where the budgets/spending starts from.

        Although you are clearly an ignoramous, I have attached a link for you to do some homework. Your generalization of when this happened was that it was Bush and his cronies - apparently you do not understand that it was the Democratic Party responsible for the bulk of policies weakening our economic strength. And currently, with no improvement from Obama in the last 20 months since his election, we need to get some grownups with some true business experience to help with our economic expansion. Obama and his cabinet are week in business experience. Give me a break, the guy was a "community organizer". What real experience does he have. He has ties to Tony Rezcko, as did Valerie Jarrett, and Rahm Emanuel. Chicago politics. He tries to be a smooth talking politician, but I want to see results. He claimed he would keep unemployment below 8.5% with the stimulus money. He got the stimulus money, and boom - unemployment exceeded 10%, and remains around 9.5% (real numbers more like 17% - 18% minimum) - a pretty big miss for a guy with the political support/machinery to help with his calculations. The real estate market is all but dead, but the banks are making plenty of money off of the fed. The guy has no clue, and neither do you.

    • The last thing one can accuse Obama of is being "clueless"......he is leading this nation down the path he intended.....unfortunately, only now are the majority of Americans realizing that....

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      • The last thing one can accuse Obama of is being "clueless"......he is leading this nation down the path he intended.....unfortunately, only now are the majority of Americans realizing that....

        I have read some stupid, clueless, moronic posts before, thousands of them. Yours takes TOP PRIZE for fitting into all of the categories listed above, especially moronic.

        What ever The Witch Dr. is or isn`t how in the hell does he have anything to do with ALLs Stock Price or with ALL period. The Answer is NOTHING. ALL dug its own grave while the Good Doctor was still in school. He has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that ALL is run by corrupt thieves who intentionally mess up peoples policies so they can double and tripple their Premiums. They have been Stinking Tieves for years and their tricks and deceptive practices are starting to catch up to them.

      • Progressive in near a 52 week high. AIG & Cincinnati are no where near their 52 week low. How in the world did your little pea brain calculate that Obama is responsible for a 52 week low. Is he CEO of the POS company?

        Do you not realize that every year every company has a 52 week low? Did you blame Bush 8 times for ALL's 52 week low those 8 years? Idiot. Get a clue. Not everything is Obama's or Bush's fault.

        P.S. Next time this POS is at a 52 week high, you can get on your knees and praise President Obama.

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