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  • izafact izafact Jul 25, 2011 10:12 PM Flag

    More Firings This Week At What's left Of Allstate....

    Wilson trying to cover his sorry &$$ by firing more of the already over depleted and much needed help here in the United States before the earnings call.

    In a year I don't believe there will be a significant number of employees left at Allstate capable of doing the daily business required to operate from the United States as we know Allstate to operate now.

    Losses will increase due to failed controls and computer program driven errors causing millions of dollars in under-billing errors produced by incorrect discounts as well as over billing errors forcing refunds to customers further compounded by over refunding errors.

    This is a long time systemic downfall at Allstate and is well known to the highest of management including T.J.Wilson. It is a problem known, discussed, but not faced or tackled. No true attempts have been made to begin to arrest and correct the basic system flaws, the lack of proper and competent educational training of new employees, or refrain from summarrily dissmissing the portion of the company's workforce that is capable of changing the culture perpetuated by management that is itself usually as a rule unable to function in the capacity of authority placed into.
    Instead, T.J.Wilson praises Allstate employees and their value and talks a good game about saving jobs in the United States on one day in the press and the on any other given day quietly and unannounced to the press plots and plans the demise of those same employees for months and months.

    What does this say about T.J.Wilson? Let me be clear. In my opinion it says T.J.Wilson is a liar. Not a fibber. "A Liar".
    Allstate does not announce job cuts the way above board companies do. It's more like"Anti-Public Public Relations" when it involves Allstate employees in the real world and not "T.J.Wilson's Self-Serving Narcissistic Publicity Bingeing World".
    The real world where Allstate employees are hit over the head with a payroll ceiling misrepresented by Allstate Human Resources material for years. Where they are told they cannot make another dollar in pay advancement as was represented to them previously by thousands of dollars because Allstate has changed the rules of the game ("even before they changed the rules"?) with double talk and by eliminating highly skilled, good paying jobs in order to try to do their best to add to the drop in "National Wage Standards" and then perpetuate that cycle downwards and use it as an excuse to further hold wages down. Don't believe it? Go ask T.J.Wilson.......

    Did you get a 2% payroll tax cut???? How would you like your employer to tell you "In two years your pay will be cut 2%" ? Sound a little fishy? No, It sounds a lot fishy......

    But the press is not stupid. They know what's up at Allstate. "Every Rat Reporter You Read Knows".

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    • At the end of the day, this is all about poor management and misguided incentives. Managers hiredbagents that were not competent and turned a blind eye to bad practices so policies could be sold and their bonus pockets lined. These same idiots are in chargebof cleaning the messTHEY made. To top it all off, they keep mispricing policies and are loosing boatloadsnof clients to GEICO. So, WTF - you will never inrese stock price at this rate and seems as though sales managers are clueless. Wilson is just well paid caretaker of a business they don't seem ton know hownto fix.

      TRY INCREASING MORALE JERKS - THIS IS A PEOPLE BUSINESS!! Putting fear of god in everybody everyday because home office and sales managers are incompetent will not turn anything around. The ship is sinking and one of the biggest jokes in corporate America. just like Liddy thinking he could run AIG. Keep the jokers coming please. Just a terrific talent pool.

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      • Allstate is threatening approximately 1/3 of it's agents with termination for not meeting everchanging company established goals, of which profitability is a very minor component. This includes 20, 30, and 40 year agents with an established history of profitablity and good retention. Allstate's agenda to terminate agents which operate at very little, if any, cost to Allstate is so unexplainable that even "conforming" agents know they could be at risk at Allstate's whim and are developing backup plans which include laying the foundation for leaving Allstate and starting independant agencies, or at least curtailing investment in their agency due to the uncertain future of their Allstate appointment.

        Collateral damage will be the policyholders who leave Allstate to follow their agent.

    • What do you base this diatribe on? What is the source of your information?

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