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  • optionguy770 optionguy770 Feb 1, 2012 4:11 PM Flag

    Very nice, Welcome to the $30's


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    • Over $30 in after hours trading.

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      • They claim to calculate an addition to the B.V. p.s. of another $1 plus.
        How those numbers break down and how the esurance numbers break down I don't have not seen. ?????????????

        This earnings release, had it not been presentable as anything but great would have been contrary to all the odds for it and been a near disaster. History and facts both suggested a beat here. Less than a beat was like a potential sheet of black road ice to be slid on.

        Now the fact remains that (ALL) must not bounce in between the $29-$30 range all February nor return to the $28's. (All) must go above $31 before ex-date and maintain a minimum of $31 post ex-date in order to deliver it's best maximum p.p.s. before summer.

        The very low short interest in (ALL) has begun to increase and will become greater as the p.p.s. increases. This price rise will not go uncontested on the way up. That is so often forgotten, not planned for, but must be remembered.

        There has thus far not been help in the form of a short squeeze. Whether there will be a true squeeze on a future date remains to be seen. It cannot yet be counted on but should be taken advantage of.

        The best thing for the p.p.s. is a steady rise and not a 10%-15 upward jolt. Any unreasonably quicker rise will unleash the short selling. The stock will then not advance to it's full potential and/or with strong conviction.

        Continued Very Slow Sells Above $30.33
        Pare back very slowly all the way up to your final sell target before re-accummulating at the summer lows.

        Minimum Anticipated Final Target $31.75
        Maximum Anticipated Final Target $33.75

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