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  • lowpe1000 lowpe1000 May 27, 1999 8:26 PM Flag


    With today's drop, I would be extremely
    interested in buying more all shares. I do not work for all,
    but I have been so proud of it since it broke away
    from Sears! Currently, I only own a few shares. The
    only thing that stops me is the negative reaction
    agents on this board. And, that is hardly minor to me. A
    great firm excites those in sales. Otherwise all's
    decision to keep and fundamentals could not be more
    promising. I am not someone who is asking for advice and
    knows nothing about the stock market. Even on these
    boards, I have no doubt that my background is in the top
    10%. That does not matter. Ethically, I do not want to
    invest in a firm that is taking advantage of sales
    brokers regardless of a quick short-term return on my
    I invested in all when no one believed in it!
    Because all showed guts. Any thoughts on either side
    would show wonderful courage and would be appreciated

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    • Links are old news. 1995. Some guy gets through
      the cracks who happened to be a Church of Scientology is not a conspiracy. The allegations of stalking
      were never proved....just a pissed off agent. Heard
      noises, someone slashes his tires and it is the Allstate
      boogie man!

    • Thought you might like to know that Rochelle
      Sharpe is a winner of the Pulitzer prize, and Richard
      Behar won the George Polk award for "Stalked By
      Allstate." Both spent several months researching their work,
      sifted through hundreds of documents, and spoke with
      numerous Allstate employees. Both encountered similar road
      blocks set up by ALL to deter their efforts.
      persevered and the truth emerged.

    • Peace.

    • Those links in your last post provided a very interesting read. Thanks.

    • continuing;
      This is not to say all Allstate
      employees are perps. The numerous allegations by thousands
      of individuals and organizations indicate there is a
      significant viable pressence of problems within All. But, it
      is the controlling forces. Since, we can not see in,
      it is up to All's own employee's to determine it's
      direction of what the final truth is going to be. Be it; to
      create an immune unethical beast by leveraging the
      profits gained beneath their corporate wheels to lobby
      government into unlevel playing fields. Opposed to being a
      service coporation conducting business in a fair manner
      to all. You can try and refute, disparage or divert
      focus from the main issue, by personally attacking me
      or any single faux pas of a posting or the demeanor
      of any particular traumatized victim that has been
      crushed under the corporate wheels of All's premeditated
      20% acceptable fianancial carnage of their own
      customers. The fact remains the same; the continuing torts
      malevolence or, actual criminal crimes are part of the
      record. Even, if All tries to vacatuer or gag insurance
      victims, truth bubbles up anyways. When push comes to
      shove, what side will you be on in the end. I urge you
      to wash the brainwashing from your eyes and look
      again. Can so many people be making so many allegations
      without merit? I say if it walks like a duck, talks like
      a duck....

      My case will be heard in the
      Federal Supreme Court where the truth will arise. (If
      permitted by law.) This is where both sides can air their
      However, since you asked for specifics on
      Allstate; please refer to the following sites. There are
      many sites as these yet you persist to hide your eyes
      from the allegations. Maybe your intent to make things
      personal attacks is to divert from your own
      accountability? The truth will set you free if you know a crime
      has been committed. The pursuit of money begets money
      and not necessarily a better person. However,
      standing for truth creates men seeking honest answers for
      honest questions. Is the truth painful? If I am so wrong
      in merely asking for anwsers for the statements made
      by the head people of Allstate. Then prove your
      case. So far you offer nothing but the emptiness of
      Got to go, I must scatter my father's ashes. He died,
      alone. There was no room in my camping

      by Rochelle Sharpe, Wall Street Journal, March 22,


    • Dear Tunka Investor,
      Your posted question of
      why I avoided specific answers. Because we are in
      litigation with All. Period. Moreover, no one has addressed
      my original inquiry of investor responsibility. Is
      your choice of investment indicate your complicity to
      a corporation that conducts unethical
      To re-state the facts:
      Allstate stated
      repeatedly to the press that only 1% of the Northridge
      Earthquake Claims were in dispute. They also have quoted
      that there was 46,034 earthquake disaster claims. One
      percent sure sounds as a good compelling argument that
      they have acted in the best interests of their
      customers. However, a few weeks after the ABC 20/20 expos�
      and the FBI raids on their corporate offices. The
      media announces that Allstate is being mandated to
      re-open 9,000 earthquake claims. Stemming from Allstate's
      misuse of un-licensed, unqualified or even felons
      experts to document their claims reports. We know now
      that there are those 9,000 other insurance claims plus
      the one percent they previously reported earlier. Now
      equates to 20 per cent of their Northridge disaster
      claims. These are all Allstate's own figures. My question
      to you; This was my original question that still
      lays unanswered. If there is any denying of any
      specifics is not done by my doing. It is the silence of the
      unanswered question of 20% of the NR earthquake claims that
      were miss handled. This silence is all that is
      required for evil to persist. Even if the evil is a
      so-called acceptable statistical percentage of a single
      disaster in the eyes of the perpretators. Acceptable
      losses is the same rhetoric use in warfare. Who is
      Allstate? If you are part this Allstate evil, by deed or
      silence, you are the face Allstate.

    • Allstate captive agents are responsible for 60%
      of ALL's income.

      More than 80% of the agents
      are either dissatified and/or don't trust ALL
      management. (See QLMS's)

      Are 80% of ALL agents NAPAA

      Are 80% of ALL agents losers?

      Are the 80% of
      the agents that write 60% of the business

      Is the ALL bottom line affected by agents attitude?
      (read morale)

      ALL management sez the problems
      are with the agents. The agents say the problem is
      with ALL management.

      Does ALL have a problem
      with their captive agency force?

      Should ALL and
      the agents get together and talk?

      Should the
      agents follow the lead of the AMA members and unionize
      against the "controlling" insurance company?

    • >> Even more worried, are the AMs, TAMs and

      Okay, someone said I would not say
      anything good about ALL. And frankly, most people who
      write us think this company can have No redemption.
      However, what you appear to be saying here is the
      corruption has not spread to the regional level, or is at
      least recognized -- since RVPs are worried. I would
      certainly like to believe this is true, and that they only
      need sweep out that incestuous little cabal of crooks
      at Northbrook to turn this company around.

      understand that ethics and proper corporate governance are
      no easy matter. They need positive action more than
      lip service. Some companies focus on social
      responsibility, but if there is no one person or department to so
      focus, it just gets left out of the equation. Great
      wrongs can be done with no one taking responsibility or
      even being clear that wrong is done: everyone is
      "following orders," including the CEO, who follows the
      orders of the stockholders for "mo money," who claim
      they are just investing so they're not responsible
      either. All these tiny mites of dubious action add up to
      a crushing blow when they hit some unfortunate
      policyholder who is the target of "claim cost reduction." The
      lack of ethical accountability and Someone with the
      pull to speak out is the true problem. Some companies,
      and various govt. agencies or the military solve this
      with inspectors general, internal review boards, very
      tough audit departments, or customer service VPs with a
      board position and some clout. Allstate doesn't seem to
      have any of these functions. Perhaps if the old board
      was swept away, it could.

    • I read your 6/23 post and I believe your issues
      1 Scientology never invaded Allstate
      2 Monie is
      not a paragon of virtue
      3 NAPAA members are all

      Scientology is an especially toxic and invasive cult. The
      evidence I have seen first hand, indicates that a COS
      foothold was made in Allstate in 1989. Company Scientology
      meetings were held in our region and agents were
      encouraged to pay a fee to receive training in Hubbard
      Management Technology. The company changed its MIA training
      in 1989 from partipative management theory to
      "management by statistics" and used copy-righted Hubbard
      material in the course. I was there. Even a cursory study
      of Scientology leads one to conclude that COS uses
      its copyright power to recruit organizations. The
      "straight story" to the field was "there was no story". A
      little daylight on this issue would kill the COS
      boogieman, and would recognize NNOAC as the Exorcist. If you
      have questions about COS and ALL I possess a great
      deal of documentation. Would it help you if I posted
      it here? It's probably been hidden from you

      2 Since the appeal of the Nicholas case is now
      history the question remaining is; why Monie is still an
      Allstate Executive?

      3 NAPAA members all losers?
      Some no doubt are, others are highly successful. Do
      you have a list or some inside knowledge of who the
      members are? Every Allstate Agent from the best to the
      worst is worried about the direction of our employer.
      Even more worried, are the AMs, TAMs and RVPs.
      Personal attacks by Allstate management and name-calling
      of NAPAA members as "losers" is an effective means
      of intimidating agents, I guess you're allowed to be
      right on one issue too. I joined this year after
      opposing NNOAC for years, I've never been labeled a
      "loser", until now. I now think NAPAA's founders are heros
      who deserve credit for withstanding a barrage of
      threats and intimidation from folks like you. NNOAC did
      make mistakes and harp on some small issues, so what?
      That was then, this is now.


      Try's FREE...!

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