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  • isabellegirl isabellegirl Sep 16, 1999 3:12 PM Flag

    Hurricane Floyd and ALL

    analyst with MER was on CNNFn discussing
    hurricane affects and ALL, current damage estimates are
    1-5B, may affect 3Q

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    • Let me direct your attention to the Pfizer

      As for dismal equine failures I hope it wasn't one
      of our old
      standardbreds that cost you $$$. Your
      wife has the right
      idea - buy low / sell high.
      Good luck w/ her future ventures.

    • First of all MKA, the QLMS survey is pure
      garbage. That is why many agents refuse to take it. It
      measures none of the real concerns that agents have. As
      for using it to help the immediate supervisor, who
      cares! QLMS needs to be totally revamped to include
      direct issues that relate to how the frontline employees
      deal directly with the company and how the company
      deals with them. Years ago there use to be a comment
      section, no more. Why, probably due to the fact that
      frontline employees would express their real feelings which
      management neither cared about or wanted to

      Next, as for the managerial shake-up, I for one don't
      really know the main problem in home office. How can I,
      other than what I hear and read. I don't live it and I
      am not immediately involved with it. However, as one
      great mentor said to me years ago, "The fish stinks
      from the head down". Liddy appears for all practical
      purposes to be following in the Russian governmental
      mentality. That is, shake up all those underneath you, fire
      those who don't agree and then see if there's light at
      the end of the tunnel. When you're the one in charge,
      the head honcho, aren't you suppose to take
      responsibility for what goes on? Are scapegoats and fall guys
      still necessary for Liddy's ego? Come on Ed, be
      thankful for the time you had and step aside. This company
      needs new bold leadership from an outside source. Oh,
      did I say leadership? I meant to say management
      because that seems to be all that this hierarchy knows
      how to do, MANAGE! Leadership is a quaility that few
      possess including Mr. Liddy. Management is more his
      style. What made ALL a great company decades ago can
      still make it a great company today and well into the
      future. That is, the front line employees belief and
      faith in this company. ALL management either doesn't
      want to acknowledge that employee/agent moral is in
      the TOILET or they are to blind to see it. I can't
      believe that the latter is a possibility. Therefore,
      management either needs to win back their front line
      employees/agents or quit with this B.S. about being in good
      hands...mine. The fact is that the frontline employees/agents
      do care about their clients. But management has also
      got to realize that if it's not cost effective for
      the individual employee, it ain't gonna happen! They
      operate with this philosophy, why shouldn't we! The upper
      powers that be in ALL, have now for years pasted
      expenses down, down, down to the front line. What they
      have failed to see or they do see and don't care
      about, is that each one on the frontline makes a
      business decision to do or not do what is best for
      themselves. Who cares about ALL. I need to survive. Do they
      actually think that a new contract is going to change
      this? It will only worsen the lack of trust (if there
      is any left) between agents and management. I have
      been around long enough to see that when ALL offers a
      new "agreement" to it's agency force, the agents do
      agree on one thing, it's always in the best interest
      for ALL, not the agent.

      Where am I going with
      this? Grip? Complaining? Hardly! This is a fact of life
      that we each have to deal with. It appears that Mr.
      Liddy has shown us his strength and responsibility as
      to where the buck stops! Unfortunately, it's not
      with him. It trickles down until it reaches the last
      possible stopping point. So as one who takes
      responsibility for his own actions, I'm glad to say that blame
      will not be shuffled to another where I'm concerned.
      The Buck Stops Here! I would emplore Mr. Liddy and
      any other upper level managers to adopt the same
      philosophy. Unfortunately, I don't have to be political in my
      motives, but they do.


    • ay Workload increase has been enormous and then
      when sales decline the bozos act surprised.

      will take management more than 5 years in Sales to
      understand our plight..........but 1 or 2 years of meeting a
      payroll and expenses should do it. It would teach them
      more than Allstate math 101 and should be required for
      the mathmetically challenged.

      Bulletin: Any
      positive and welcome news we get out of Chicago won't be
      from the present management. It will be about

    • Hasn't this been fun. Maybe tomorrow we will get
      to know who MA really is. My money is on a high
      level exec who is fed up with the regime. A true
      "deepthroat" in the best sense of the word, right out of the
      Nixon era. I like MKA, I think the posts are well
      articulated and very informative and have a lot more of what
      is really happening upstairs than we have ever seen
      before. There have been a lot of good posts by many
      people and some not so good. I cant wait to see what
      tomorrow, actually, later this morning, will bring.
      Frankly, I dont think it will make a lot of diffebefore.
      In all the history of insurance actuaries could use
      the law of large numbers to come up with the premium
      needed to pay for an estimated number of claims and make
      a profit. In their wisdom they have added a new
      law, now they think they know WHO is going to have the
      claims. Ive been here 32 years and I Back in the early
      seventies, State Farm and Allstate were not that far apart,
      but State Farm soared ahead providing their agents
      with the products needed for all their prospective
      clients. They became a real insurance company while we got
      draconian underwriting rules that takes a Philly lawyer to
      understand and the most absurd pricing structure in the
      industry. Over the years I have seen a lot of mistakes
      made, more programs than I care to remember and so many
      acronyms Websters would have difficulty catalouging them
      all. But getting back to why we became so successful.
      We sold to the masses. Those thousands and tens of
      thousand prospects that streamed by our booths in Sears
      stores every day all across the country were the average
      folks. They needed the insurance basics, car house,
      renters, fire and then life insurance. We wernt there to
      seek out the rare bird who needed lloyds, just mr &
      mrs average and there was a whole lot of them. This
      was the beauty and the brilliance of Allstates
      success. When we were put out in the neighborhoods the
      prospects were no longer streaming by our booths seeing us
      all year long and then stopping over when their x
      date was approaching. We now had to go to them with
      whatever method works for a particular agent but we dont
      have the tools. The mmgs and ridiculous pricing has
      eliminated any oportunity to grow. Add to that the departure
      of the long time customer who can no longer afford
      to stay with you even though your open with a
      licensed person at all required times and they like you
      too, I wont even mention the line 19 fiasco, this is a
      sinking ship. They dont understand that this is a sales
      game and great service and 24 hour availability isnt
      all thats needed to power the ship. Not everybody is
      in a megopolis with sky high premiums or in a
      booming growth area. Without the right tools the job cant
      be done. A new agent will never survive the time
      required to build a book. Whatever the announcement I
      suspect the end result will be mega agencies and super
      mega agencies owned by insiders and favored agents or
      outsiders who can cough up enough dollars to reach the
      agency size to provide for a proper staff and shoulder
      all the expenses. But unless the agency is provided
      the tools needed to grow, then in the long run they
      will be picked apart by truly independents whose
      companies provide them more than Pablum. Its been a good
      ride could have been much better but thats life. Good
      luck to you all. Nail.

    • "Hope we all are treated like professionals and
      human beings again someday."

      I believe that this
      would go a long way towards reestablishing the
      communications that are necessary for a "partnership".

    • QLMS, is a total waste of time as it is corrupt
      because of the implied threats to front line employees to
      conform to good survey results. Most non sales employees
      don't want to hurt their immediate manager who one way
      or another is judged partly by results compared to
      prior year or compared to CSA or RO wide results.
      Repeat... QLMS is a total waste of time and money but
      because non sales results look good, senior leadership
      feels vindicated. A real catch 22 situation that is an
      absurdity. Sales QLMS is a total joke and serves no

      BAD AGENTS, someone earlier mentioned management
      shouldn't tolerate wife stealing in our so called midwest
      christian value system, or something to that effect. I
      presume that was a subtle reference to re-acquired Phil,
      formerly Sales VP. Two reponses to that. First, you don't
      know the whole story. Second, during my underwriting
      and HR filed trips when assigned to the RO, I had to
      visit my assigned agencies. You talk about christian
      values and good old heartland agents. Well let me tell
      you how many of these so called "good" agents wanted
      nothing more than to get in my pants. These phony two
      timing MCP's with ego's bigger than their putters were a
      sorry lot. Usually it was the loudest mouth lazy agents
      who were the first to make their move. I am no feeble
      woman's libber and don't belive in tattling, but these
      pigs never pulled their shit a second time. On the
      other hand their were a lot of good decent hard working
      agents who really cared. So don't start moralizing to me
      about the sins of management.

      BLUE MONDAY, got
      an e-mail late today concerning the news shortly to
      be made public. Got to say one thing, Liddy is
      taking no prisoners. This is only the first of the
      shakeups. More to follow in PCCSO, LIFE, CNA and


    • Thanks for the kind words, but GoodStallion might
      be considered false advertising.

      Barley and
      other agents who responded to my power sales post,
      thanks. The funny thing is most of us will continue to do
      whats is in the customers' best interest and in time
      the pendulum of corporate thinking will swing our

      BTW Goodfella, today was a good
      day; we sold a little quarter horse mare my wife
      bought for $600 2 month ago. She got $2500 for her. She
      just needed a little retraining. Sweet.. I won't tell
      you about our dismal failures.

    • except for the fact I sold my agency almost a
      year ago!! You see, you being out of touch with
      reality really strikes a sore spot with me. I wasn't one
      of your fu fighters or a dog agent. I've won honor
      ring 10 times and went to conference on several
      occasions. Belonged to the agent concil for 6 years and even
      was on the national agent concil that flew to Chi
      town a couple of years ago. You may have even met

      No, my point is this stock and whats needed to get
      the company going again. The downfall of this company
      is really pissing me off because of the awesome
      pontential it has and the total wasteland that it's become.
      I still have a large block of ALL stock tied
      directly to my retirement funds. Nothing would please me
      more than seeing ALL knock the cover off the ball.

      The problem is pointed directly at the people at
      Northbrook who you have your smokes with. Consider the track
      record Mr. Liddy has and take it from somebody who seen
      him in action first hand when him and cronies took
      Sears apart. His vision needs glasses.
      But, while
      we're at it, I hope your RIF'd and the offer you an EA
      contract and you take it. Then you can see first hand how
      "easy" it is to be an agent..

    • I know that I'm a little behind in this
      conversation but MKA is a jerk. a jerk who is well versed in
      management scientology and rhetoric and short sighted views.
      His defense of QLMS is interesting but laughable. He
      still is missing one major point: QLMS was originally
      presented as a forum for upward communication. Now it is "a
      way to let the employees know the direction that the
      company is moving in"- from TAM letter.
      What the hell
      does that mean?!
      I thought you'd appreciate the
      PS Our region has not had a single QLMS meeting
      since mid '98. When I questioned our so-called "Human
      Resources" about the survey results I got the biggest run
      around you have ever seen, but I still have no idea what
      the results were.
      Hope that you get
      answers. Hope we all are treated like professionals and
      human beings again someday.

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