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  • geoffinak geoffinak Sep 19, 1999 9:05 PM Flag

    Hurricane Floyd and ALL

    A tree rots from the inside out, starting as just
    a little spot eventually growing to where the
    monarch of the forest is brought down even though it may
    look healthy on the outside. Simply ingnoring the
    situation will not make it go away.
    Your hypocrisy to
    the plight of Allstate employees losing their job
    security and rights is nugatory. You know how to take care
    of the employee "rift"
    You take care of your
    employees and your employees will take care of your
    business, they will respect you for the compensation and
    work hard and efficient, that builds loyalty and a
    great company.
    You treat employees like throw
    aways-you use them and lose them and the business which is
    built and sustained by the employees will suffer and
    fail. The golden parachute leaves will float but the
    tree will fall
    As to substance of customer
    satisfaction I again go back to the 20 per cent factor that
    are unhappy with this companys service. If my service
    based business was that bad it would fail. We are lead
    to believe that we should except that 20% is good,
    but that is an awful lot of people who lives are
    severly impacted. I don't know of any business that would
    except that success rate in such an important area of
    trust. Would you even keep your pool cleaner if 2 months
    of the year your pool was dirty, would you fly if
    20% of the time you crashed. We need better standards
    for insurance. The company needs to make money from
    satisfied, properly compensated workers and policyholders
    who are satisfied from fair treatment. Do this and
    business will explode with profits. Or they can stick to
    hookem and crookem and we see the results of that. Your
    blinded by one way or no way, things change and evolve,
    you have to fix the problems with your grove, if you
    don't see problems you will when the tree hits your
    head. Don't be so harse on individuals, does no good.
    Remember this was a great company and could be again, help
    it be that way.

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