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  • euse69 euse69 Sep 27, 1999 4:40 PM Flag

    more downside!!!!!

    Can someone agree that based on today's volume
    and friday's vol. and 9 sma line All is on the way
    down. Did All find the support level ... Can someone
    elaborate on any other TA confirmation that this baby may
    go down some more.

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    • kris and mongo.

    • Great information kris. As I noted earlier, I
      think this is (or perhaps is not) an issue for the
      consideration of internet selling. IMO, the trusted advisor
      role has been an important one in purchasing decisions
      (IRC Study "Agent & Company Image" --(the scores
      across geography) indicate "this personal connection
      rather than (a 'faceless" institution) would appear to
      be extremely important...indicates agents and
      company employees may be the most effective medium for
      insurers in their efforts...If FAQs, e-mailed responses
      and ICQ-like connections with Service Personnel
      become the "face" to the consumer, and in fact litigated
      cases settle for policy limits, then the ability of an
      agent to differentiate the service they provide becomes
      minimized. There will always be a component that takes the
      IRS's standard deduction/short form, uses Quicken or
      H&R Block for financial advice, and buys their
      insurance through the mail. Whether a surge of interest in
      remotely delivered persoanl auto services will occur may
      well be shaped by the perceived and actual value which
      the face-to-face, trusted advisor is thought to bring
      to the party. In Allstate's competitive distribution
      channels (competing against one another), this will be an
      important discussion. If the focus changes to collaborative
      relationships (integrating new technology and techniques with
      established distribution systems), the impact is diminished
      (there is no winner or loser). The fact that virtually
      all 3d party claims are settled within policy limits
      may either be a winner's claim for the trusted
      advisors, or a revelation that the plaintiff's bar will
      only take what's available.

    • Ronko10, I did find something in the 1999 IRC
      report of "Injuries in Auto Accidents" about losses
      exceeding BI limits. According to the report in 1992 about
      3% of the attorney represented claims had economic
      losses exceeding the BI limites, in 1997 this dropped to
      2.4% for attorney represented claims. For
      non-represented claims the results were 1% of claims in 1992 and
      0.4% of claims in 1997. As far as the split of
      attorney representation, it looks like 60% in 1992 and 55%
      in 1997.

    • Thanks ronko -- I have a copy. Another good sight
      (if you're interested in factual presentations of
      industry issues) is the Society of Insurance Research
      website at

    • You may be able to find some info at about frequency of awards in excess of underlying limits. They seem to have a lot of data, and perhaps could respond to a particular query.

    • By describing you as a "sanctimonious boor" I was
      not displaying "blind hate" at all. I was just
      stating the obvious. You have changed so many things so
      many times over the past year of "on again/off again"

      "That big, bad Allstate didn't pay my/our claim. Please
      give me money to help me fight them for you." That's
      the gist of what I continuously hear you say. Your
      words and your site are without honor or merit. You
      have very little credibility on this site as a

      You're right about one thing though: "Seems you can't do
      nothin' right here!"

      I would think trying to get a
      divorce from you would be a terrible ordeal, as
      vindictive as you've displayed yourself to be. Your site
      proves nothing, except that you must be one lonely pup
      to waste that much time out of your

      Move on Gemhound.... get out and smell the fresh air,
      look up at the stars at night, look for the best in
      people everywhere and get happy. Right now, you're not
      only depressed, you're depressing.

    • >> you wouldn't post again until it hit twenty. Right? Go back in your hole.

      So what's a few days?

    • >> However for those who vent hate against
      our excellent claim dept., it is usually because they
      have had a claim against Allstate or our insureds and
      disagreed with our settlement offer. Third party claims are
      adversarial in nature while first party claims are

      Thank you for enlightening us on claims. However, the
      majority of the hundreds of complaints we have received
      are not third party but Allstate insureds. Maybe
      you're just not getting them. We're higher than on most search engines ;') Give me a complaint
      mailbox with someone who may actually read the things,and
      I'll be glad to cc them.

      Of course, the
      statement will be made that these complaints are not
      statistically significant. However, many of them taken together
      show a Pattern in the way the claims were mishandled
      -- and in court or in science a pattern is
      considered compelling on a much smaller sampling of

      And thank you for not swearing, threatening, or
      abusing. I get a lot of that here no matter How nice I am

      And it's not hate. These are all people
      who have been Hurt, and had their faith destroyed --
      that's why they are Not third party claims. They are
      policyholders who had faith in Allstate and were let down. God
      forbid I should introduce concepts of hurt or injustice
      or morality on a stock board, though. I know I'm
      going to catch hell for it.

    • It is our prerogative to change our mind. Hmm,
      hasn't Allstate changed their mind on their agent
      contracts a number of times? And aren't contracts supposed
      to be more sacred than internet blather?
      "Sanctimonious boor?" Seems you are the one blinded by hate. If
      you read my letter to Ed Liddy, it was not only
      reasonable and conciliatory to management, but praising of
      agents. Seems I can't do nothin' right here ;') I could
      probably quote the Star Spangled Banner and raise curses
      from some of this lot. Well, things change, people
      change, and from the looks of your stock, Maybe we were
      right about a few things.

    • Can you say "free labor"? ALL has been getting
      free labor from it's agency force for years. What
      would make you think that this would be any different?

      Reality.. think of all the inspections that will need to be
      done. Additional payment processing, (which agents
      still don't get a dime of the "payment fee" aka
      "finance charge" of which the agent does all of the
      payment processing...go figure) endorsements and free
      information of which the agent will not get paid, will only
      lead to furthering the the distance between ALL
      management and the disgruntled agency force.

      Solution....When a client calls or needs service from an ALL
      agent, the agent then is allowed to capture the policy
      at a reduced commission rate and becomes the new
      AOR. Will this happen? Probably not. As I said a
      moment ago, "free labor".
      Sorry if reality dampens
      your day. Smile and read the newspaper, after all,
      that's what ALL management and others presume agents do
      all day in their offices.

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