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  • STEVE2219 STEVE2219 Oct 18, 1999 4:43 PM Flag


    I don't know how Liddy and Choate can look
    themselves in the mirror, or sleep at night after what they
    have done to the shareholder value of this Company.
    Wallstreet has given them a vote of no confidence, a PE of
    5.9, they have failed both the Employees and the

    How ironic that a Company being run by two CEO's is
    cutting jobs to try to make up for their bad decisions &

    Allstate does not need more surveys, process reviews, or
    new buzz words. Allstate needs a leadership team with
    a vision and a credible plan of execution.



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    • Amistad, I don't think that it is only agents
      that are DEAD WOOD. I think that there are people at
      all levels that do not do their job. Retention and
      profitability is VERY important. However, I have had great
      staff that handled my customers for $10/hr. My job as
      an agent was to sell, and my job as a manager is to
      help my agents sell. The dead wood I am talking about
      are managers that dont help their agnets and agents
      that want to live of their renewals. Or people at the
      region that dont help the field. I really enjpy my job
      and work very hard to help the agents that want to be
      helped. I wish you the best of luck. There are lots of
      changes happening. All I ask of my agents is to put forth
      effort, not set new NB records. Anyway keep up the good
      work. I'm sure you are an asset to your customers and
      to ALL.

    • Go ALL !

    • I am looking for anything positive and you seem
      to have expressed it. Thanks much

      I only
      worry about the concept of Agents as "dead wood" ie if
      an agent has a good loss ratio, good retention and
      maintains a book at a comfort level that works for him, why
      push him/her out the door with growth issues? Remember
      profit? Remember this: new customers don't make us money,
      renewing customers do. Except for the R830's, the cost of
      maintaining the book is more at the agents' expense than
      ALLSTATE's. We are cheap self sustaining labor. The customers
      an agent keeps happy become profitable when they
      stay. People DO stay because they like their agent.

      "Dead wood" agents may not be the least important among
      us as Northbrook seems to think. If I'm missing
      something here I'd like to know please.

      Not unhappy,
      just concerned.

    • within every co there are good people and customers are very complimentary of my work.
      Negative comments are always about issues beyond my
      control(pricing, underwriting, claims). So, yes, they do believe I
      add value. The agents are not the problem at

    • Do YOUR customers believe you add value?

    • thanks for the ounce of prevention
      top of the 5th
      yankees lead gotta run!

    • eom

      You are so
      Did anybody notice, there was a block of 184,100
      shares bought ($25 1/16) 16:02 hrs

    • I, too, spend my day (and lots of nights) as an
      AM. My job is to help agents; never, ever to hurt
      them. I have days when I regret the day that I chose to
      become an AM, just as I know that there are agents who,
      from time to time, lament the same decision. Tomorrow
      I begin my 20th year at Allstate, 16 of them as an
      AM. I have worked with marvelous agents throughout
      all these years, trying with all my heart to help
      each one that wanted or needed the benefit of my
      experience. We are (and I hope always will be) in this deal
      together. If either of us ever stop bringing something of
      value to our collective table, then we should turn in
      our rate books.

      I have no idea what tomorrow
      will bring to this company. November and the so called
      "announcements" are getting closer. But whatever may come, my
      suspicion is that good agents and good Agency Managers will
      still be out there giving it their best shot every day.

      Surely none of us will look back on the years of our
      lives that we have all devoted to this company and it's
      customers and call them a waste. Agents, AM's and this
      company are too great for that.

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