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  • howdoyoufigurethat howdoyoufigurethat Dec 4, 1999 7:21 PM Flag

    IA Survey to current Allstate Customers

    The following is an incomplete summary of what is
    being asked of our current Allstate customers. If there
    is any doubt in your mind as to TC's future dealings
    with the agency force...................(see for
    yourself below)...................

    This survey ask
    you(customer) to answer to better serve you(customer) sent to

    a small number of customers by John A Culverwell
    Market Research Director.
    And you will get an
    Allstate Motor Club Road Atlas for your trouble.
    section is 39 question asking for (strongly agree to
    strongly disagree)
    here are some.
    1. I would buy
    directly from an insurance company without going through
    agent because it is more convenient.
    2. I
    would like my insurance agent to visit my home.
    3. I
    would buy directly from an insurance company without
    going through an
    agent if I could save on
    4. Insurance agents show little interest you once
    the sale is complete.
    5. I prefer independent
    agents because they have many companies to choose

    6.I value an agent because my insurance needs are
    7. I'm very knowledgeable about insurance and don't
    require assistance for an
    8. I expect to be
    with my agent a long time.
    9. All I need is a
    reputable company and the right coverage, not an
    10. I feel comfortable buying insurance without
    personally knowing an agent.
    11. I prefer independent
    agents because they have my best interest in
    12. I value the relationship I have with my
    13. I believe independent agents are more
    professional than company agents.
    14. I consider my agent
    my friend.
    15. I believe independent agents my
    16. It is important for me to have face to face
    contact for all my insurance
    17 If I never
    hear from my insurance agent that would be

    The next section asks would you like to use an agent,
    800# or the Internet to
    1. changes to
    2. question about a bill
    3. report a claim
    obtain a quote
    5. purchase a policy
    6. track a

    Next asks In order to improve service and explorer new
    product ideas,
    Allstate would like to contact you
    from time to time for your input.

    And the last
    7 questions are of
    1. Price
    2. Service
    4. Overall, how satisfied are you with
    5. Overall, how satisfied are you with your
    6. Likely to renew
    7. Would you recommend a
    friend to Allstate

    This questionnaire is dated
    Nov 29 1999.

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    • Here's a complaint I just received. Sounds more
      like something the agent dreamed up, but maybe it's an
      ALL policy? Can anyone clarify? (And note how fair
      I'm trying to be. I'm not Assuming it's an ALL
      policy. If it is, it sure seems to make folks angry

      It is true, Allstate is a crook. I had been w/this
      company for some 15 yrs, then I moved to Wisconsin. My
      wife went to make a payment on our premiums in good
      faith and the Allstate rep, ******* in Superior,
      Wisconsin, told my wife when she dropped off the payment
      that SHE HAD TO SIGN THIS AGREEMENT stating we wanted
      to keep Allstate as our agent and update our policy.
      He instructed her if she did not sign it, OUR
      INSURANCE WOULD BE CANCELLED that day. What a bunch of
      bull. we were paid 30 days in advance.

      I was in
      the process of switching companies as this individual
      wanted to increase my auto insurance by more than
      30-40%. ouch. I switched companies and now ************
      has contacted a collection agancy for his $30.00,
      which he will never see since he was fraudulant in his
      statement forcing my wife to sign a new

      Hope this gets passed on everywhere cuz it is
      ridiculous to be a customer for such a long time , then this
      guy tries this. What a joke. I am for sure going to
      tell this story everywhere I can, newspapers, media,
      Better Business Bureau, state and federal authorities
      and more....

    • A couple of interesting articles from the
      Internet Chicago Tribune (


      Ongoing shuffle at Sears:
      Another top executive leaves

      By Susan

      Another high-ranking Sears, Roebuck and Co. executive is
      jumping ship as the nation's second-largest retailer
      heads for its fourth consecutive year of disappointing

      Richard Srednicki, president of Sears' Home Services
      division, has resigned to take a credit card post at Chase
      Manhattan Bank in New York, Sears confirmed

      (portion excerpted)

      Another likely reason for
      Srednicki's exit is the sagging performance of the Home
      Services division he headed. Home Services, which includes
      everything from appliance repair services to kitchen
      remodeling, was supposed to triple its revenue by 2001, to
      $10 billion.




      By Melissa

      State Farm Insurance Cos. is bringing its bank to
      Chicago next month, training many of its 600 agents here
      to offer checking accounts, loans and certificates
      of deposit along with their usual insurance

      This week, State Farm, the largest home and auto
      insurer in the country, launched Internet banking for
      customers in the markets where it offers banking: Downstate
      Illinois and eastern Missouri. It will be available in
      other markets as agents in those areas are trained.

    • How come we have to go all the way over to
      Thessalonians to read thow shalt not bare false witness. I'm so
      busy working I don't time to track your lies down.
      Biggest lie is that you bare no hatred of the real agents
      on this thread, right?. What scripture speaks to

      PS has anyone seen Champs? I'm trying to find where
      the stock has flown off to.

    • Apparently you Champ have absolutely
      no sense
      of humor or ability to discern
      the simplest
      things that a child could.
      You continue on that "buy
      Allstate stock
      song"?.. Who and what are you.. Anyone
      any sense would not buy this garbage.. What
      your interest in "peddling this rag of
      a stock"?..
      Surely you can do better than
      this.. You have the
      mental intellect of
      a child and when you cannot stand
      you continually use the word "fool"?.. You
      probable the same type of person that
      had a "tizzy fit"
      when you lost a game.

    • Dude, Your living in a dream world. You'll be lucky if its still in the 20S.

    • of 2000 fool,allstate stock will be in 30s by than.

    • Look it up yourself

    • You talk about agents who make 200,000. In my
      market where rates are well above the national average
      and where we are also very competitive, there may be
      two agents in this tier. But, they have invested
      $250,000 to $500,000 over time. This income is well
      deserved, just as it is for other folks who own any other
      small business, but we have many more constraints than
      they do.

      The problem we have is that ALL has
      not dealt with the long term, low producing,
      unprofitable agent. Have you ever heard about %20 of the
      people causing %80 of the problems? This is a perfect

      If your not satisified with your current
      earning potential sitting in operations, ALL is currently
      seeking well qualified agents. Take the risk and join us
      in this ever changing game. Do you have what it
      takes??? If not, quit whining about the $$$$$$$.

    • Hey Champ,

      How about I sell you some shares in
      "cattle prods and Hog Jowls".. Better than
      what you are "hawkin"..

    • there is one agent in our 32 agent market
      makes over $200,000 deserves every penny works
      days per week for over 20 years the new
      people are
      in the negative income catagory
      the future is
      very cloudy

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