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  • theyoungrepublican theyoungrepublican Apr 7, 2000 6:38 PM Flag

    status of "whistleblower case"????

    Are there any on-line legitimate sources to find
    out about the course of this case which GaryLV has
    been boasting about. Based on his sounds
    like its really going bad for ALL. I don't know the that I plead ignorant...but does anyone know of
    some "unbiased" sites (neither ALL or ALL-bashers
    based) that report daily on this case????

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    • In an earlier post you talked about agent income
      of 10-20K per month. Wow! Sounds great. I think
      maybe you should try to become and agent, it seems all
      you need to do is hang an Allstate shingle and the
      your money tree begins to grow. But you probably work
      much harder for the 30-40k that you make each month.

    • You agree.

    • Logic and social skills are not a requirement for posting on this board of psychos! Back to your station!

    • He can't be an agent unless brand new and clueless. And even All's managers have logic and social skills which this person lacks.

    • agents sell policies. Agents make money for the
      company. Without the agency force, there would be no
      Allstate. Everybody, and that does include you let er go
      and McBozo McLiddy, doesn't have a job unless the
      agents sell policies.

      Deal with it, let er go.
      It's pretty obvious you can't. This wasn't a business
      decision brought on by the agents. It was nothing more
      than a ploy by McLiddy to dupe the investors to think
      that ALL was going to take bold action and be true
      leaders in the industry. In reality, McLiddy, true to
      form, wants nothing more than to be the great pretender
      he was at Sears when he tried to make them the next
      KMART. Now he wants ALL to be nothing more than a
      Progressive wanna be.

      ALL sold the investors on the
      15,000 agents and the markets they held. That and the
      grow they produced drove the stock price. Smart
      investors know that abandoning the agency force, All is
      taking a huge risk given that they don't have the
      leadership or talent to pull off the grand plan. Don't
      believe me? Get yourself a copy of the 10k report filed
      to the SEC. No agenda in that document. Also, spin
      free from the ALL spimmeisers.


    • If you are not an agent or manager than you must
      be an employee.Or you may be a want-a- be CEO.I see
      you have read all the stuff he has wrote about.If you
      want a real trill become an EA agent.Then you can help
      increase prodution and lower expences on your money.This
      will help show your loyalty and support.If you would
      like to become an agent send me a post so I can get
      the $2000.00 finders fee.This company is paying good
      money for us horses(agents)we work for hay but carry
      all the load.You just ride on the wagon and holler

    • I believe that was how the moniker read. This
      individual is a carbon copy, and walks in the prior's boot
      steps. He should pull his boots up and tend to his
      flock. Certainly not worth responding to his feeding

    • What did this person call itself earlier this
      year and late last year?

      The rhetoric is a
      carbon copy of previous posts.

      He pops in, flames
      agents and the goes down in flames hisself, only to
      reappear in a month or two with a new

      He's (she?) been here at least twice before. He'll
      burn out in about three more weeks.

    • My feelings have nothing to do with what I
      stated. I am neither an Agent nor a Manager. I do however
      have the utmost confidence that what I said was
      correct. I prefer not to reveal how I know this
      information, however it can easily be substantiated by most
      All employees who are familiar with production
      statistics (excluding Employee Agents).

      My point is
      that the new contract is a positive move for All that
      will substantially increase production and lower
      expenses. All has been operating far too long without the
      loyalty, support and full production efforts of the
      majority of almost one half of its Agency force. A change
      by All was necessary for survival in the cut-throat
      and increasingly competetive insurance marketplace.
      Additionally, there were numerous cost considerations
      associated with maintaining so many different

      You should consider my information in the same light
      as the information posted by any poster on this
      board. My purpose is not to castigate the employee agent
      but to point out what I feel is a factor that will
      have a beneficial impact on the growth needs of All
      and a positive effect on the stock price. That's all!
      You will have to determine whether I am right in my
      assumption that production will increase and expenses will
      drop. Thanks for being so polite with your inquiries. I
      appreciate it!

    • Bravo for your honesty. I have agents in my
      family. I have seen the work required to get to the
      "coasting" period, which means working only half-days, that
      is 12 hours.
      Claims people do not understand
      agents, and vice versa. they live in different worlds.

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