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  • high_goddess_parkay high_goddess_parkay May 9, 2000 11:08 AM Flag

    Allstate and Scientology

    Some people here have questions about Allstate's
    relationship with Scientology.

    Here is the article from
    the Wall Street Journal that I am sure many people
    remember. Watch Allstate do a quick


    What people probably don't know
    is Scientologists had their own insurance company,
    Survival Insurance, founded in the early 1980s. It worked
    hand in hand with a wholly owned financing company,
    Infinity Acceptance, to finance high premium payments and
    nonrefundable brokers fees. After receiving 700 complaints
    about this company, Commissioner Quackenbush filed
    Formal accusation filed in California court

    you look closely at the Wall Street Journal article
    and compare it to Scientology teachings on the
    Scientology Kills website, I am sure you will find many
    parallels. Management by statistics, I am sure. Other
    parallels: (1) being extremely litigous (all in a good
    cause, of course) and (2) a mindset that says "You're
    not hurt" and "You don't need a doctor".

    is that . . . lawyer?

    Maybe the next time
    Allstate adjusters meet with third parties in an auto
    accident, they could just hand them a tract.

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    • How kind of you to provide a self description.
      If anyone just doesn't shut up on a message board, who might that be! Now tell us how obnoxious you are in restaurants.

    • My mistake! I've heard about your problem from a
      friend who just retired at the end of last year. I wish
      I was more qualified to expound on your problem,
      but can't. What I do know does seem unfair on the
      surface. Hope you can be part of a reasonable solution.

    • You mistook my meaning. NOA agents of which I am
      one have invested heavily as employees paying
      Allstate's expenses for years(since 1984). Now Allstate is
      showing us the door without reimbursing us for that money
      spent. The "damnable release" is their attempt at
      handcuffing us into saying calfrope. without signing it we
      can't stay we can't sell and we cannot take enhanced

      EEOC is looking heavily at this as we

    • Mr. Barleycorn, you have not lost a dime until
      you have sold your stock. I assume you are a
      stockholder because you stated that your money " being
      taken from me without reason."

      Right now, it is
      down in value after, quite frankly, being too high
      when it hit the 50s. Now it is "on sale" at half price
      and you probably wouldn't buy it. You probably didn't
      buy when it was below 20 either. I remember a few
      years ago when KMart fell from the low 30s to 5 and
      went back over 20 again. Now it is about 8. Oh my!!!
      What to do, what to do!!! You probably don't like
      Microsoft at half price, either.
      I'm certain you would
      buy a brand new $80M Benz today if someone offered it
      to you for $40M. This message is not to berate you.
      It is an attempt to suggest that you think
      rationally with your pocket book and not irrationally with
      your heart about money matters. They say the market
      giveth and the market taketh away. With ALL at present
      prices the market is giving you an opportunity you may
      not get again.

      I was going to end this, but a
      story came to mind that you mite find interesting. Of
      course, it mite bore you, too, but you should read it.

      In 1987 on Black Monday (OCT. 19, I believe), duPont
      stock fell from the 60s to a bottom of 30 on that day.
      Nobody wanted it. It has never seen that price since. It
      is now at an equivalent of about 320. And, Dupont is
      a very conservative old line Dow Jones Average

      So, don't fret. Good stocks always come
      back. Time is your best friend. Don't forget, ALL STATE
      is one of the 10 most recognized names in the

    • My, how imaginative.
      For a description of bullies

    • I try not to butt in too often.

      HGP's obsession to post might be cured by a good orgasm.

    • As I said before, I have no problem with agents
      who post here or with agents in general.
      have their problems and I am not familiar with all the
      issues so I usually do not offer a
      comment. If
      'disgruntled' offended you, it was not intentional and if you
      want yourself viewed as
      disillusioned, so be

      I do, however, have a problem with miss know-it-all
      butting in on our discussion. It seems that she
      this innate compulsion to poke her nose into
      everyone's business and spread her unwanted
      opinion like
      manure in a newly tilled field. It is this barnyard dung
      and her presumptuous
      arrogance that cultivates
      most of the animosity that runs rampant on this board.
      While some here
      (mostly the website wackos) may
      enjoy her relentless rambling, I find it

      Now, I'm off to watch the Knicks beat Miami (I hope)
      as, you see, there is more to life than
      the entire day (and night) 'researching' hate
      articles and copying and pasting them onto this board.

    • sounds patronizing to me, too.

      But then I
      remember that disgruntled employees are almost always
      attributed to incompetent management.

      So there is a
      balance of sorts here.

      Outraged, disillusioned,
      disappointed, mistreated. All from the same source. Good
      leadership does tend to prevent problems like this. Lack of
      communication, alibis and stonewalling, on the other hand,
      exacerbates them.

    • Did you INTEND that as perjorative and
      patronizing? I think of myself not as disgruntled but
      disillusioned. I loved my job and have had years that I made as
      much for the company as you paid out in bodily injury
      last year. Indeed I loved it enough to invest my own
      money in it for years and now that is being taken from
      me without a reason.

    • Unlike you and a handful of other employees who
      post here, I believe in this company. Notice that very
      few, if any, adjusters, post hate for the company on
      this board. Agents have their own personal problems
      and agendas and some have chosen to vent their anger
      here on this board. From what I have read many of the
      issues are real and I have no problem with them voicing
      an opinion.

      On the other hand, we have
      several compulsive fanatics who post half truths and
      single out individual claims out of the millions that
      are properly settled and they hone in on those claims
      and try to convince the public that this is the way
      we handle all of our claims. As you know, this is
      simply not true. This is an investment board. I have
      tried to dispel these myths. All of the name calling
      was initiated by the fanatics. I have always lived by
      the motto 'do unto others' but once I am attacked I
      attack back with ten time the vigor of my attacker.

      Have you ever read some of the moron websites? One
      actually posts names and phone numbers of adjusters in a
      portion of the site called 'worst adjuster'. It attempts
      to berate and embarrass them. It gives only one side
      of the story in a disputed claim. You probably have
      kids, ed. How would you like to read about your son or
      daughter portrayed as this demon on a webpage with blood
      dripping in the background knowing that the full story was
      not told?

      We also hear that Allstate doesn't
      pay claims. I myself have paid over $700,000 in
      bodily injury claims year-to-date and I'm just one
      person in one office of thousands throughout the
      country. I have been with this company for about 6 yrs.
      Allstate has never told me to cheat the customer(clmt or
      insrd). In our liability units we go way out of the way
      to make sure that the insured is 'completely
      satisfied' but to hear the website wackos tell it, all we do
      is cheat. Again, I have never cheated a claimant or
      insured but there have been several instances where I
      have tried to be cheated. Take a run over to your
      local MCO and sit with an SIU adjuster for a few hours.
      You'd be surprised and you'd realize that the 1% fraud
      inference was simply a hate monger (with too much time on
      her hands) being biased and unreasonable.

      Didn't mean to be so long winded. I post relatively few
      messages on this board compared to the wackos. I'm
      wondering why you single me out. Why not ask
      boldcreek,allstatemoronstudygroup and a slew of others who mimic or post absolutely
      nothing of value why they are here? You see, not everyone
      is a disgruntled agent or a website wacko. Some of
      us actually like our jobs.

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