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  • barleycorn_2000 barleycorn_2000 Sep 15, 2000 6:43 PM Flag

    How many of you know me?

    Gosh while we are playing parlor games I am
    looking (at oo7's request) for enough proxies to get on
    the board next year. Based on friends that I know
    personally I will be a few million shy of the

    Many of you seem to enjoy kicking HGP around and she
    enjoys the melee so I don't think I want to intervene.
    Allow me this one though, She is not a lawyer, does not
    live in CA I don't think. I don't know her personally
    but neither do I know personally many of you on the
    board. I do know her through what she writes and through
    correspondence other than this board.

    She is factual with
    what she writes and I have never known her to lie. I
    know some of you have made a big deal out of one post
    she cut and pasted and while I personally would not
    havbe done that others of you have said some harsh
    things on this board that I would not have said

    Whether you or I like her does not matter any more to
    her. She posts what she wants as do most of us. Read
    it or ignore it those are your choices. If Allstate
    told as much truth to the agents as she does I would
    not be at war with them now.

    Good day for the
    stock. Many of us made a few grand and that is always
    positive. Be up again Monday for Champ and the rest of

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    • PICKY!!!!! PICKY!!!!! PICKY!!!!!

    • OOPS is RIGHT - BAD TRY, Gary.

      No clues
      intended. Just facts. Obviously your detective ability is
      as credible as your "sucks"

      Incidentally I did answer your post #23336. Check out post


    • Gary, you seem to be the only one interested.
      Why? What is your reason for wanting to find out what
      a poster's real identity is?

      Do you have an
      update on Mr. Booth and his motion?


    • Quite true Only Parishes In the Pelican State.

    • I have never seen a county in Louisiana. If you ever find one let me know.

    • I guess I should pay better attention. There are still enough clues if anyone was interested.

    • It is your friend "Endman" that lives in N.C. You have the wrong state. All Southern states have a Lee County. Mah hasn't be secretive about what state he is from nor the state he lives in.

    • Is this a partial response to my post 23336, that
      you didn't answer? When I asked for your name, I
      didn't think I would have to call my friend James to do
      the legwork for me. Did you leave these clues for
      those on the board that have the skills to find you??
      Or are you just trying to pique HGP's interest?

      >>Sept. 30 2000<<

      >>North Carolina,
      Lee county, Allstate charity golf tournament

      >>Our group came in 19th, out of

      North Carolina has 36 newspapers. Which one are you



    • GARY-

      I'm a little slow in answering your
      post because I am still taken aback by your disbelief
      of my answer to what I thought was a legitimate
      question. I will not give out my name for my own personal
      reasons. Please show me your courtesy in that respect.
      Besides, you know as well as I do that if you really want
      to find out who I am, you can. I have never asked
      HGP anything other than to provide us with at least
      one title of her "many published" articles or books.
      She probably uses a pen name or several different pen
      names. I don't care what her name is. I would just like
      her to come forth with a little honest information
      concerning her braggadacio of her writing

      Please do not accuse me ever again of being a paid
      poster for ALL. I may be a lot of things, but a whore is
      not one of them. Thank you in advance for your
      courtesy in this matter.

      If you really have read
      my posts carefully in the past few months, you would
      have detected a number of posts stating negative
      things about ALL. As you know, I believe they have way
      too many layers of management, and the worst seem to
      rise to the top (with a few exceptions, of course.)
      Ever heard of the "Peter Principle?" That statement is
      made from personal knowledge. I have met a lot of them
      over the years and a very large share of them are
      power-hungry, ass-kissers that care more about their own status
      and paychecks than any policyholder or fellow
      employee. Fortunately for the company, there are enough
      good managers to keep the company going forward. And,
      if they wrote their policies in "English" maybe the
      agents selling them would actually understand them. This
      would make the sales process a hell of a lot

      Telling me that Staci's problem mite have had an effect
      on the price of the stock if you had been forced to
      go National with it is as absurd a thing as you have
      ever said on this board. I am delighted at the outcome
      of her fiasco. All it proved is that there are some
      incompetent people working at ALL, just like any other
      company with tens of thousands of employees. When the
      proper people were apprised of the problem, it was
      settled. If you had anything to do with it, you are to be
      congratulated for your successful effort.

      I do believe
      you have found injustices in your extemely biased
      investigation of ALL's practices. It's pretty easy to find
      abuses when that's all you look for. But to say ALL
      INTENTIONALLY abused policyholders in order to render them
      homeless is even more assinine than your perception of the
      stock price in light of Staci's problem.

      too bad that you feel you have to maintain that ugly
      title for your web(hate)site. Sorry, but that's how I
      believe most intelligent people interpret it. You know
      (you're 61, you say) that a softer approach will do
      better in the long run. Isn't that what you are trying
      to accomplish - the long run. I would bet that about
      1/2 of your observers of your site are voyeurs,
      brought in by the buzzword "sucks," as negative a
      connotation as there is. Why do you want your time wasted (
      and I know it is, don't try and tell me otherwise;
      and don't ask me if I'm clairvoyant for saying that)
      by a lot of whiners and frauds. Why not soften up
      the title and try and attract legimate complaints?
      Your method, in my opinion, makes no sense at

      Most people I have met in my life who claim to "know
      how to be heard" really have had nothing significant
      to say. Congratulations on your policy to try and
      "Not to tell Allstate how to run their business." It's
      not a real biggie, though, you know they won't pay
      any attention to you.

      Enough of this. Didn't
      mean to go on so long. Think it over. Change that
      website title and see the improvement in long term


    • I apologize for not responding promptly to your
      post. But, I have been with attorneys all week. I,
      unfortunately, have to initiate a patent infringement lawsuit.
      They are very expensive and with attorneys costing
      $300 plus per hour I need to be right there while the
      work is being done. While you are older than me (I am
      61 & you are 62) I find myself continuously busy
      working or contributing my time to issues that I deem
      important, so I do not have much time or desire to
      continuously post on this board.

      BTW, I have partnered
      with venture capital companies. Crosspoint Ventures,
      Interven Partners and Jon Hancock Ventures. That is
      another story.

      I appreciate your attempt at
      dialogue but you refuse to identify yourself. When I ask
      "Who are you" I am asking for specifics, especially
      your name. The bio you listed may or may not be true.
      If you want credibility I suggest you be a little
      bit more forthcoming. You ask HGP to identify herself
      but you refuse. If you don't want your name on this
      board, you can e-mail me at I will keep your name confidential like I do to
      the others on this board that correspond with me off
      this board.

      I have stated my position on this
      forum over and over so I will not waste my time or
      yours regurgitating the same things over and

      For you to call my website a "hate site" shows your
      intolerance for those with opposing views and you are
      perceived as having an agenda to counter anything negative
      that is said about Allstate. Personally I think you
      are paid to post on this board by

      The name and style of my site are marketing tools
      only. I do not have the budget that Allstate has to get
      the Allstate victims side of the story out so I have
      to use the tricks of the trade to get their stories
      out. Had Allstate not resolved Staci's claim you would
      have seen billboards in Texas that said "Allstate
      Insurance" and Staci, her children and their
      neighbors picketing the Allstate offices. We were prepared
      to get national attention and you might have seen a
      different stock price today if that had

      We have uncovered specific Allstate adjusters that
      in our opinion intentionally abuse policyholders to
      the extent they could become homeless, there is
      volumes of evidence. We are not publishing this but will
      give Allstate HO the information and let them deal
      with the problem. Then hopefully we can report that
      Allstate took more bold steps to correct abuses of their

      As for changing the name of the site, that is not in
      the cards at this time, but the goal is to take the
      site down completely. I have some suggestions for
      Allstate but I have been told "Not to tell Allstate how to
      run their business", so I will go slowly and
      hopefully they will come to the same conclusion that I have
      come to and implement some type of independent claims
      resolution process.

      I am not the enemy. I am just a
      voice that knows how to be heard. I hope Allstate goes
      that extra mile to protect its policyholders and
      employees. I'm sure if they do the stock will go through the

      Gary Weingardt

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