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  • barquentile barquentile Feb 26, 2001 8:21 PM Flag

    Re: Dawg

    t what it was set up for. I will admit I have used it as an agent's forum, but too many people want to use it as a way to throw stones, instead of as a way to improve the company. Every company has problems, and every company and person who deals with the public has enemies. I have not seen Allstate do anything any differently than what I have seen another company do, except they have a reputation, at least in our office, of being more liberal with claims and paying more claims (even those we don't feel should be covered) than many of the other companies we represent. It isn't healthy to harbor this kind of hatred that I see here. Thanks for picking up the banner. HGP used to make me think. Now she just slings mud around the board. Catch you on the flip side.

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    • Touche!

    • Where do you get of in telling me, <<<<<as usual you are an authority on everything.>>>>> Your brand of sarcasm is just plain rude. If you got it in ya, why not try being a little humorous and tolerant of someone else's opinion?

      I was speaking in general terms and my comments were not directed to you personally.

      I don't think that Liddy alone is <<<<<gutting a fine company and ruining many many lives in the process.>>>>> He would need an awful lot of help to do that and he has some really sanctimonious agents that claim they don't care for his way of running things, but, in reality, are helping him more than they realize.

      With all due respect, if your fight is really based on faith, you have a serious problem. I have as yet to see "faith" put one meal on my table.

      Oh, incidentally, Ed Liddy couldn't wear Al Dunlap's jock. Get the humor? Or do I have to explain that, too. No one person can destroy this or any other company this big. If Ed is really as bad as a small minority of his sales forced says, he will be dispatched quickly and uncerimoniously.

      Enough! I'm calling a truce between us (you and me.) You can take one last shot at me in rebuttal, but YOU won't hear any more on the subject from me.


    • as usual you are an authority on everything. I have no intension of giving details of how our problems will be solved on this board. I don't ever expect the government to solve my problems. That said, you assume you know how I intend to solve my problem. Truthfully I not sure if it will ever be solved. I do intend to keep the faith and fight on. For my own selfesteem I must continue to fight. Allstate is not the problem, its the leader of the company that is gutting a fine company and ruining many many lives in the process. I don't beleive you know enough about this to understand. I could be wrong. In the end Liddy will destroy a fine American Insurance Company while people on the outside marvel at how well the stock has rebounded. I promise you he is Al Dunlap in sheeps clothing. Stay tuned and see who is right!


    • You just don't get it, do ya? I was not insulted. As I have said many times my skin is as thick as leather. I was appalled at the rudeness of the post. I have never professed to be <<<<<as intellengent as you like to think you are>>>>>. I'm just a guy with more knowledge about ALL than you choose to believe (and learning more every day) who understands your plight (whether you think so or not), but disagrees with your method of solving it. You certainly have the right to do what you are doing, and, as you have read many times, I have told Barley and others the same thing.

      Please don't tell me that I don't understand your situation ever again. I repeat again -- Whiners cry to the government for help, and real people solve their own problems.


    • I had just responded to your concillatory post that we had been harmed when you got back on your self-rightous soap box and made unfounded coments about our plight. That is what prompted that comment. It you were insulted then you got my meaning exactly. somestimes a well placed word can accomplish much. If you were as intellengent as you like to think you are, after all these months and numerous posts form Barley and others you should be able to begin to understand our situation. If you cannot by now then all our efforts fall on your deft ears.

    • Rest assured I have not been dawdling. I am getting ready for the tea party.

    • Man, right after I write a friendly post to you, I read a post from you telling me I am full of SH**. Where has common courtesy gone? Are you not able to debate without getting vile? I will disregard your rude post as something you said late at night when you were tired from a long weekend and were in dire need of sleep.


    • What so different about 11 out of 12 agents hired anew not making it? Selling insurance is a rough business. Most people aren't cut out for asking people to buy an intangible that they themselves will never benefit from (life)? Obviously auto and homeowners is different.

      Incidentally, I've met many agents who earn in the neighborhood of $150M to $250M annually and work 30 hours a week or less. Granted, they have been in the business many years in order to achieve that level of earning and independence. Their secretarys have been writing their new business callins for years. And don't tell me that ALL offices don't get callins! That's how the person who is very, very, very close to me started in this business back in 1973. She was the only secretary in an office with 6 older agents (they were all past 50). I know this as a fact because I eventually handled all these guys brokerage business and played a lot of golf with them. They were all a bunch of great guys and were just realizing the benefits of a successful career. In summing, please don't insult the intelligence of this board by telling us how hard the old veterans work. The rookies better work 60-70 hours a week or they ain't gonna make it. Maybe handing them 500 accounts is taking away their incentive to solicit new business.


    • Congrats on making the "Sweet Sixteen." I will have to hope for USC's demise in the next game as my youngest boy lives in Lexington. I was really in a dilemma when Iowa was playing KY - you see my wife is from Des Moines and graduated from Iowa.

      If you have been keeping up with my posts, you will have read that I was the first to tell Barley that if there were wrongs done, that those wronged should be made whole. That was almost a year ago. I have gotten tired of reading some posters who seem to think they can sue and hit the lottery at ALL's expense. That has not been some new startling revelation on my part. I wish no one to be harmed. I did get tired of reading that their pensions were stolen from them. I repeat - Accumulated pension benefits were not lost; only future pension benefits were possibly lost.

      And I will repeat for the LAST TIME that anyone who has to go crying to the government for help needs more than help. Sorry, but that's the way I feel with no disrespect meant to anyone.


    • Hey!! Where ya been? I've missed your crusading.

      Your pal,

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