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  • We should have all met in Augusta this week for the Masters. I'm sure DAWG could have got us tickets. Right DAWG? I've got a hunch on Mikkelson winning this thing. No knowledge, just a hunch.

    I've added a few shares of AOL in the past week and bought some ORCL in the 14 area. I think I'm "taking candy from a babe" with these buys. I may not have got them at the bottom, but a couple years from now, it won't matter. Probably will add a little INTC this week also. DIS looks half way decent at these prices, too. Still have some CHMD and have kept my DVIN.

    Having a little more trouble than usual finding new ideas. Sure wish I would have had the sense to sell my AXP when I first though about it over 25 points ago. But, it's hard to sell something held for over 10 years.

    Oh, yeah, I'm trying to figure out how to get my Comic Book collection on EBAY. I've got about 1300 comics in plastic sleeves packed away in boxes in my closet. They've been there since I stopped collecting about 19 years ago.

    Time to hit the sack.


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    • Thanks Battlestation. A compliment from you is an honor.

    • anne_weakestlink_robinson anne_weakestlink_robinson Apr 20, 2001 7:57 AM Flag

      Mr. Booger---the votes are what counts---you are indeed "the weakest link."..goodbye.

    • My mistake sir. I misunderstood the following portion of your post:
      (Oh, incidentally, I didn't technically answer your post - I clouded up and rained all over your pseudo-name "wooleybooger." You see, you are on "ignore.")

      I read quite a few boards___rarely participate.
      I replayed the moniker posts without comment. I never thought or indicated that you were trying to fool anyone.

      The comment about agent involvement in claims just got on my last nerve___most agents I know would rather not get overly involved in claims handling because there are a host of other challenges in agency management. The company made a big mistake when they decreased the agent claims authority without proportionately decreasing the agent claims accountability.

    • WHAT?????

    • you would never have finished the sentence. "

      yeah, right.You probably did very well with other people's money. You made the money in fees with the churning of accounts while their accounts grow modestly.

    • Post:

      Subj: Allstate Price
      By: ernpofcheese
      Date: 04/18/04

      Allstate Price was $44.44 on 04/18/01

    • Thanks! Be Eing ya!


    • Thanks, I agree. This board won't be bored with any replies to him from me anymore. As I said in my final post to him - he is on "ignore forever and a day." HAGD


      P.S. Keeping my fingers crossed that the bottom of the market has come and gone. Today is showing good signs. I've popped a few bob into the market in the past week or so.

    • I never said a word about how well I did with other people's money. I just said I did it for a long time. Learn to read please!!

      I agree, since August, 1982 it has been easy to turn a good profit in the market. Even monkies like you could have done it. (Oh, damn, I resorted to an insult - Sorry, NOT!!!).

      If you would have been standing in front of me and said, and I quote your exact words, "As far as insulting the person very very close too you, he/she couldn't have much on the ball to have settled for a ass like you."

      I thought I had asked you, politely and firmly, not to insult the person very, very, very close to me ever again. I guess reading lessons, etiquette lessons, decency lessons, etc. will not help you crawl out of the hole you are expounding from. I guarantee you that if you would have said that standing in front of me face to face, you would never have finished the sentence. Take that however you wish, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!

      I will never read your response to this memo as you are going on "ignore" forever and a day. I am more sorry than you are that I came off "ignore" on your computer. You ain't worth communicating with.


    • Actually, I know quite a bit about making money for myself.I just don't pretend to know more than I do just to impress others.Oh yea, the Bulldogs suck.

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