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  • txplano2001 txplano2001 Mar 13, 2008 1:10 PM Flag


    Yes, I was lucky to get out 100% in Oct, although missed another 1~2% on the upside in early Nov. But I have no regret if you look where the market is today.

    I like medical stuff, and especially chinese medical stuff. I am not sure Warrent Buffett, but he is playing a different game. He, by his sheer size, can hold and defend a position by buying up the sellers... On the other side, it is very difficult for him to unload because he will be come the market. That is one of the reasons why he could not afford to trade in-and-out. While smaller players (including some smaller mutual funds) can not afford to play like him. I know he got a lot of praise, and treated as the GOD, but he also recommend to buy korean companies (at the height peak), go look where PKX is today. Also, he missed big raise in for 5 straight years, but of course he became a hero later when crashed. However, many, like Dr. Simon made a fortune (you do not hear about him much) trading in-and-out....
    Give you another example, go look at JRJC, I made over $200K on it last August. But if I had hold it till today, I would only made pennies. ....

    Any one, I have nothing against WX, and I wish it well. But it is not going anywhere fast under this market enviornment. I would be the first to correct myself if the market proof me wrong....

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