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  • rahbii rahbii Sep 11, 2009 9:44 AM Flag

    JAG question

    Gold is ramping to 1010 right now, 9:41 est...and as I type this Jag is selling off at 10. Can someone please explain if Jag trades with spot, or the Brazilian Real. Why is Jag having such a hard time in huge vol days???

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    • Believe MM is scaring out smaller retails here. Don't worry, price will move up to over $12. JMHO.

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      • Thanks to all who contributed to the explanation of JAG's price drop.

        I first heard about JAG when FRANK HOLMES OF THE usFUNDS mentioned it a few days ago. I own shares of a bunch of gold stocks as well as mutual funds - a regular gold bug.

        I think I will start buying JAG.

        Wish that country music spammer will go away. I like country music but not when I am investing! I guess I will put him on ignore.

    • Yeah. I read it. And have done hours of DD on the company. That's why I bought the stock. But the recent moves are making me question my investment as this doesn't seem to be moving with gold, or the other miners. With a new mine coming on next qtr, I would've thought the huge vol would be buying, not selling.

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      • Thanks. That would explain the paid basher posts.

      • Dear Rahbii,

        Welcome to the wild-and-wooly world of stock investing.

        An aggressive seller entered the market yesterday due to the uncertainty of the convertible bond offering. At the time yesterday, there was genuine uncertainty in JAG because the terms of the deal were not announced. Now, that uncertainty is gone when the terms were announced after the close. But the big seller is still in the stock, and he put on a very large short position on the stock yesterday. This seller has very deep pockets and can push the stock around. Today, he is trying to sow seeds of doubt and fear into the stock to try an induce people to sell even more so that he can cover his position at a lower price. People like you are saying, "what the hell is going on?? Gold is over $1,000 and terms of the convertible are great but JAG is down!? WTF!?" Patience, grasshoper.

        Warren Buffet said it very well; in the short run the stock market is a voting machine. In the long run it is a weighing machine.

        This deep-pocketed short seller has lots of "ballots" to cast in the short term. But in the long term other people will notice that JAG is not weighted properly. This may take time.

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