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  • diehlr1 diehlr1 Dec 27, 2011 3:27 PM Flag

    this board is as dead as the mangement is..

    Now that is a brilliant piece of logical deduction there ...

    So the absence of news is considered bad new?

    I'll talk to the company and ask them to release a press release everyday (not free) just to let us know that they are still there.

    Maybe posting the lunch menu would do ???

    Heck, maybe now that Mr. Titcomb isn't the CEO, maybe we should turn down all offers and go for it.
    This company was over $14/share less than 2 years ago and since then hasn't done anything but add more proven to the hopper.

    Maybe that is how 75% of the shareholders are thinking. Just remember - if those 75% institutional holdings don't want to sell - it ain't gonna sell. And they aren't even gonna ask you.

    Isn't life beautiful :-)

    So here we sit - watching the grass grow :-)

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    • trader1up Dec 27, 2011 3:44 PM Flag

      i dont care what it did 2 yrs ago, i have 10k shares in this and i dont have time to watch grass grow or paint dry.......

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      • Trader1 - unfortunately you will have to wait with the rest of us.

        But just remember - JAG has put the "For Sale" sign in their front yard.

        "Over the past several weeks, through JP Morgan, the Company has solicited interest regarding a potential change of control or merger transaction with the Company."

        "solicited interest" is pretty strong language. There are a bunch of big boys in the area of JAG and they already know the $9.30 starting bid.

        The only thing to figure out now is how high to bid and what the auction reserve is.

        We may not find out much more until the next quarterly meeting. January 19th should be the Update of Opertions followed by the meeting/financials about February 9th. back to watching the grass grow :-)

    • Thanks for a refreshing post.

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