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  • trader2day1 trader2day1 May 8, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    Valuation of Jag

    Company web site states the amount of gold OZ they own.

    High number is 6,541,510 oz Au
    X$1600 per oz market price

    = 10.4 Billion Dollars

    An offer will surface soon.

    Last offer was $8.20us - 9.45us April 13, 2012

    Can we assume a deal for 50% of this price?

    If so shares will pop on a deal to
    $4.10us - 4.72us

    If we get a bidding war.. share price will be higher.

    Who will get control?

    This is great and wow today getting in so low.


    HOLD your shares.. they are GOLDEN!

    Let the management power struggle begin.

    Share holders who got in today are going to be BIG Winners of this outcome.

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    • What to see how much that drops after the next report................LOL

    • Think you are right....having been waiting for day like today :)

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      • I think this one is now ready to bounce upward looking at the chart it could rise 4 to 5 days in a row as it has in past rising markets.

        Dow and Nasdaq will have a fresh perspective tommorrow morning on Europe and we will see positive buying again i believe.

        Watching the priced of gold tonight in Hong Kong will give us a nice clue what we will see tommorrow for market open in New York.

        The perfect storm this seems to good to pass up.

        Love volatile stocks like this because they are the ones that if you catch the bottom you make a lot on the upside as the market kicks in positive.

        Now will the New York Rangers take the Washington Capitals? That is real speculation LOL Great game last night a nail biting 6 seconds left in the 3rd and NY ties it and then wins in over time. That was a great game.

        Best to you in all your trading.

    • Please. White night coming along to pay the shareholders several times the share price?? The company is now on the ropes and in serious need of money. The only deal they might get is painful financing that puts the assets in hock. That's a much better way for those that might still be interest to get the assets.

    • and where is this money coming from to mine all this gold?

      • 1 Reply to villagecat2002
      • It will come from the company that takes over it. They will be a secured mining company with good credit financing of course.

        What bank or finance company would not want to be part of 10.4 billion dollars worth of gold.

        Think about that how greedy bankers are.

        The stock price is going to double or triple on news before the ink is dried on a new restructuring deal.

        GOLD IS GOLD and the asset they are all fighting over. GOLD FEVER seduced many bankers over decades and it has not stopped them now.

        S.P. $2.50 i think the price will pop to if gold recovers in gold markets in Asian and Europe market overnight before tommorrow's New York open. IMHO

        When news comes of a deal or take over? S.P. is going to rise to at least $4.10 to $4.90 as that is half the last offer put on the table of between $8.20us and 9.45us by a N.A. concern unnamed in the company news release.

        It is a calculated risk but well worth it because of all the gold still in the ground to be mined yet. 10.4 Billion oz

        Will a major or mid tere N.A> gold miner gain the control? the Chinese are interested still! or will it be a finance house or major Bank? That makes a deal to resolve the issues? But bankruptcy will not be on the table.. it is worth too much money.


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