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  • dundarr dundarr May 14, 2012 7:57 PM Flag

    1Q Results - Eh not good/ not bad

    Results are not great but given the current market cap, p/s and p/b this could or rather should put in a bottom. It trades at a steep discount to peers on almost any metric (once you exclude the ineptness of management - that is)

    Its certainly not shooting higher in the short run but i think you think some buy interest and short covering as some uncertainty is removed with the earnings release.

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    • With Jaguar reporting their great earnings of -.17, I am surprised the stock still trades for over a buck.

    • The problem is did management just lie to stop the bleeding.

      You can't trust these LOSERS

    • Man, you guys are drinking the coolaid. What a disaster. When the Chairmon of the BOD opens up the presser by saying "We are not satisfied...", you know it's a stinker.

      You guys seriously need to read between the lines. They came clean about "expected" cash at end of 2012 at $40M. Of course, that assumes a cost of $900/oz and 130K gold production, $1700 POG, and other best-case assumptions. Nor does it take into consideration the $23M they owe the Brazilians, that they will throw these crooks in jail in Brazil for if they try to not pay that.

      I need to get what some of you guys are smoking. Pacienca is a disaster, dang - even Turmalina is having issues. That was new news to me. That's the crown JAG jewel, and if that goes down, there is 0% chance of JAG surviving beyond that.

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      • Again you and Brett are stuck in the past- the fact is someone else's turd is another one's gold. The time is nearing for Jag to rebound, with sufficient capital in the bank by this time next yr they should be lowering their costs and the share price back over 2 easily. You also forgot that the poison pill expires soon and many other investors may scoop in just for this company's assets.

      • They just don't get it, Vette. Management did everything they could here to try and spin it as positive. Then, they offer up a best case scenario and these guys just eat it up. I don't understand how anyone in their right mind could possibly believe anything these guys say, but hey, there's a sucker born every minute....

        JAG lost 17 cents/share and people are trying to get excited about it. I honestly think shorts are gonna try and drive this into the ground soon. They might try and go for the kill before summer is out.

    • LOOKS MUCH BETTER THAN I EXPECTED!!!!! They expect to have around 40 million still in bank at end of 2012 so that is GREAT considering the costs of the turn around plan which was around 20 million. Bankruptcy will not be an issue anytime soon as long as they control costs and at least break even till a buyer comes along or they get financing for Garupi. QE3 is coming too by the way europe and the US economies are starting to look weak again. Gold will be 2000 by Dec which will be a HUGE help to JAG. IM doubling up on my position now. Im HAPPY with this report!!! Our market cap is RIDICULOUSLY LOW!!!

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      • Oh - and I forgot to mention. How they come up with $40M at end of 2012, when the CFO said during the Con Call that they had $50M left at the "end of the Q". Did he mean end of March, or end of July?

        Either way, their cash burn is much more substantial than $10M/Q. I am seriously skeptical of this $40M number. See my previous posts as to why. Just more lies and B.S. from this management team. Horrible.

      • After reading earnings, I'm not so sure JAG is even a low grade ore play anymore. If Turmalina goes down, the fat lady will be singing for JAG. If not, then JAG makes a viable low grade ore play - but I wouldn't get all too fired up about this pig to double down quite yet.

        Don't worry, you aren't going to miss anything yet. More downside to go. The street has spoken.

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