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  • teutracker teutracker Aug 9, 2012 7:30 AM Flag

    Q2 Financials

    sure does look like an excellent Q2 report next week is coming!

    Now if only they have some news about a buy-in on Gurupi this stock will rocket!


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    • I thought I laid it out pretty clear that the fact they aren't profitable wasn't the surprise -- rather the amount they lost is the bigger concern. Considering they have very little cash left, I think it's very possible dilution could be coming in very near future. If you remember the last time they had a share offering, there was a few "good" PRs released just days before they announced it. It's almost like they were trying to pump it up to get people to buy. Weird. But I guess you've got it all figured out diehlr1. Still long and strong.

    • think forward, not backward, like stocks do, stocks think forward.
      down today, meaningless, not many are wise, crooks play, manipulators, stock operators, they go up 'n down wildly at times, voting machines, not weighing machines!

    • What would make you think that they would be even close to "profitable"? Meaning the bottom line.

      This report is for the quarter ending June 30th. The restucturing was only in effect for 2 months and don't forget that the troublesome trio was only voted out on June 29th.

      You know they had to pay for the finishing up of the Gurupi exploration and of course any improvements at the remaining two mines were far from showing results by the end of June.

      I think the only thing that could have been accomplished somewhat quickly is the turning off the power at Paciencisa.

      I guess I'm just a little confused as to what the expectations really are.

      Oh that's right - you don't own any shares and are just here to help :-)

      You and your brother Vette should take your show on the road as a comedy routine :-)

    • I disagree, i think it will be a very bad quarter in terms of oz's. mined, cash costs, net income and cash flow. Thats why they pre-announced the cost reduction efforts. That being said they need to prove they can be cash flow positive at current production rate and have a sustainable business model. Good progress on the cost front but finanicals are going to be butt ugly. Full disclosure i sold my original position for tax loss in May time frame, back in in the +1's to wait this out. Gold at $2,000 oz. makes this company look a lot better than gold at $1,600, i can wait but they need to stop any cash burn, to give them options. GLTA

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