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  • diehlr1 diehlr1 Mar 27, 2013 5:43 PM Flag


    Dang this is fun :-) Everyone pile on and kick Brett's butt :-) Read on ... I think prospective means something sorta good, unless you have some kind of warped mind....

    "the ground that we have is very highly prospective" - what da heck does that mean anyways....I ain't no English teacher....

    Brett - are you confusing prospective with speculative ???

    Can you end a sentence with an adjective ???

    pro·spec·tive/prəˈspɛktɪv/ Show Spelled [pruh-spek-tiv] Show IPA
    1. of or in the future: prospective earnings.
    2. potential, likely, or expected: a prospective partner

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    • If you come to this message board just to hear people talk about roses and unicorns and reassurance that JAG is doing great, then that's terrific. It's human nature for people to believe what suits them and disregard anything that goes against their stance. I get that. But to just assume anybody who has a different stance is "out to get ya" is just rather ignorant and naive in my opinion. The facts are the facts. They've fired everyone they can, they've shut down broken and unproductive mines, they've blown through almost all of their cash, they've racked up a ridiculous amount of debt, they have limited time to get things righted, they are still losing money every quarter, and yet it seems like I'm the only person with questions. I think it's odd that yet another head of investor relations is heading for the exits. I think it's interesting that JAG talks about how valuable Gurupi is and yet they don't even think about the land right next to it (neither does anyone else apparently), they need cash to try and fix broken mines yet they have none, they are facing a delisting and yet not even one person asks about it in the conference call, their CEO refers to their most valuable asset as "highly prospective" and then basically says there are no plans to even attempt to determine its value, get licenses etc (which would also cost money they don't have). Why is it when someone asks these questions, longs tend to get all hot and bothered and assume someone is a paid basher?

      Since we're big into definitions here, I'll play along....

      due diligence: 3. Investing: Duty of the investor to gather necessary information on actual or potential risks involved in an investment.

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      • I don't get "hot and bothered" if someone asks questions. It's very important to ask questions and to poke holes in a stock's story. I get bothered by someone who acts like a jerk and calls people newbies and thinks they know everything. You're a jerk who has no position in the stock. You're here to be a jerk and act like a jerk, you're not here to make money.

        I've been at this a long time and have done very well, I don't need your advice or condescending comments. You were wrong to think "prospective" was a negative term. You were wrong to be overly worried about the stupid PR guy. You are wrong to think that people invested in this stock don't know the risks. The stock is at 59 cents for a reason. duh!

    • You're correct. The CEO was trying to say that Gurupi is something they will be focusing on in the future, so they weren't interested in the land that is next to it.

      Brett will spin everything negative, pointless to listen to him.

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