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  • agen2 agen2 Feb 28, 2000 11:10 AM Flag

    Down 6.5% today!

    Wonder why?

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    • a stock that goes from $32 (where I bought on all this smelly crap) to $40 sure is.

    • The only way this stock will ever see 30 again is
      after the next split. Also maybe you should take a hard
      look at Nepera products as they are used in many
      different pharmacutical applications. As for looking at
      VRGN nobody is ever adverse to a good stock tip.

    • So I guess a stock that goes from 41 to 36 is a
      good performer. Give me a break. You guys must be
      workers at cbx. How about disclosure on your

      If this is the best stock you can pick in the
      greatest bull market of modern times than I pity you. Why
      not dump this puppy before it hits 30. By the way if
      your really into life sciences why not try VRGN.
      Imagine investing in a company that is working on a cure
      for cancer, rather than a cause of it.

    • Just wanted to make sure I didn't hit the Algore
      / greenpeace page by mistake:

      The message to
      take out of all of this diatrabe in the last few
      messages is that the plant is now running at capacity,
      being down for a week or two will not affect earnings,
      DEC agrees it is safe, employees are committed, and
      some tree huggers should be.

      In for the long
      haul, will make a lot of money based on what the sierra
      club has done to the stock price lately.

      like a bunch of city folks who move next to a farm and
      are suprised that animals have odors. By the way, I'm
      positive agen2 uses dihydrogen monoxide at home...I heard
      that can kill you if you breathe it in

      Anyone have an opinion on how the newly announced
      capacity upgrades at catalytica will affect the long term
      vision of CBM...leave the chemical production and go
      into life sciences fully???

    • Thanks for the blow by blow re napara. You seem
      to be either:

      a) A concerned citizen
      b) An
      opportunistic short who wants to cover quickly and

      Based on your stated desire to see the stock price go
      down, you seem to fit "B".

      Final Answer?

      • 3 Replies to Krunchit
      • I am neither long or short this stock. I am local
        to the Nepara site and a concerned resident. I am
        fully invested in the market and hold long positions in
        BBH, SCON, and TAN.

        Questions for all of

        1) Why would anyone in their right mind invest in
        this company? This looks like another Philip Morris.
        When they are forced to tell the truth in court on
        March 10 the chart could get ugly.

        2) Why would
        anyone work for this company? With the job market being
        so hot can't these people work for a company thats
        helps society instead of one that releases noxious
        chemicals into the air, a mile from 2 large schools. How do
        employees of this firm look at themselves in the mirror?
        Cambrex / Nepera is not concerned for their own employees
        well being. They are exposed to these releases more
        than anyone else.

        Here is the URL for the local
        newspaper. You can follow this story for yourself.

        You have to ask yourself why would the management
        team defy the DEC order to close the plant? Good luck
        and happy investing.

      • My sentiments exactly! Agen - I guess we are
        questioning your credibility. How do you feel about that? Why
        don't you take this opportunity to come clean and shoot
        us some real facts or concrete references for your
        statements. For all we know, your posts are fabrications.


    • wonder why?

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