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  • profitasyoucan profitasyoucan Jan 17, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    A waste of time............literally not helpful

    Too many statements this is a "Boot Strap" company, and not a very well organized presentation for an investor growth conference. Our own IR cannot even get the webcast time correct. The CEO is busier patting himself on the back and using weak verbiage that does not resonate well with this type of audience. If you ever attended conferences and seminars on the very last day you are thinking of travel plans and attendance is low............................GIG has to demonstrate making a profit not talking about it............ - Profit

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    • I would have thought he would have given the sucesses of 2012 being Telcordia certified and why their products will be beneficial in the marketplace and with the expansion of the Internet they have the products to provide which aids in generating more revenues which will take care of the sp. I guess Avi was more concerned that if the Institutions bought the shares then they might force him to be acquired by an larger entity thus he implemented the poison pill, He has to know the past with the one company who had owned an large percentage when the company was Lumera and acquired by the larger new GIG. I would hope he would have laid out plans on when and how to make the company profitable and give some sort of guidence on meeting certain goals for shareholders. Evidently Avi does not use his IR department correctly and when the investors don't have an clue because management does not know where the company is going then the stock price will stay range bound and generally stay in the lower range until changes can be made and right now if Avi can't make it exciting then why would investors feel compelled to invest? Either tell us where you think GIG is and where it should be or get out of the way and sell to an larger entity who can use the patents to go out and create products which will be beneficial to the public and generate revenues which will be beneficial to investors. It's pretty simple!

    • Just listened to it . Avi is certainly difficult to listen to and I will have to go back and re-listen. He seems to know his business (IMO), but a very dry and uninspiring presentation. There really did not seem to be any excitement about potential revenue. The fact they are cutting back a bit does not portend well with his idea that the second half of the year is promising (my interpretation). It would seem to be counter productive if you expect things to improve. I really don't know what to think here, which is why I will have to take another listen. Listening to Avi certainly is not raising my spirits. It feels more like slogging through another year. Dog.

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      • You're more disciplined than I. He has a lackluster persona and no one thinks he does not understand the physics approach of the component business. The CEO just does not comprehend what it takes to "Grow" a company into becoming profitable and being able to sell it to others. Bragging about a margin ration greater than 50% and the return on investment is not profitable, well is pathetic. Matter of fact his words not mine mentioning during the last half of 2012 our capital investment was disappointing compared to our expectations. Duh,,,,,,,,,,,the warning............................maybe he is too arrogant to realize his business ignorance. I do not really know.

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