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  • x993231 x993231 Mar 14, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    A Few Items to Consider

    Well I wasn’t going to post over here, I was going to let you die on you own but you asked so here it is, I’ll do my best to lay this out as plain as possible for the uniformed investors over here.

    I think that if you look the Gig Modulators is not a true 100 gig mod, it is a 4 x 25. It takes an entirely different kind of Fiber that is susceptible to long distances, vibrations and tight bending radiuses.

    I think that if you look over here and understand the technology you’ll see that Gigs Molecule cannot hold up to the elements and must be sheltered from the elements.

    I think if you look over here you will see that the cost of protecting the molecule costs more than the cost of making the molecule.

    I think if you look over here you’ll see that the market is not excited about the overall quality and cost of the gig Modulator.

    I think if you look over here you’ll see that the Endwave products are reaching the end of their demand so the revenues will continue to drop off.

    I think if you lok over at Lightwave you’ll see a guy that worked for Lumera/Gig jumped ship and has just joined Lightwave.

    I think if you look over at Lightave you’ll see the JDSU’s Former V.P. and CTO has volunteered to create on for them, his name is Fred Leonberger, Here you go -

    Dr. Fred Leonberger stated, "The market for an ultra-high-speed modulator operating at low drive voltage is an enormous commercial opportunity. Now that the properties of Perkinamine Indigo™ are better understood, it will be central to the designs we have contemplated. I am extremely impressed with the EM Photonics team and I am very confident that we will be able to execute this first task very well."

    Again sorry to point this out but you asked so I’m replying to your request.

    I’d say another reverse spit to try and keep this on the NYSE is due in short order, I think if you look you’ll see that a reverse split of Between 1 for 3 and 1 for 5 HAS ALREADY BEEN APPROVED.

    Good Luck

    There are at least a dozen items listed above and each I believe is true, please feel free to respond to the investors an point out the errors in my post.

    X Out

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    • Yaaaawwwwn. Well that was boring XBoy. Consider this, even the most outdated product GIG has put out has made more revenue than your best attempt at LWLG. Is it true that LWLG has a goo that has not been proven reliable or marketworthy in order to make one optical component or device to be commercialized in what over 8 years? The newest release was that LWLG has to have help in making something work............Ring, ring, anyone home?

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