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  • mawchek mawchek Feb 17, 2004 8:16 PM Flag

    The new spring edition catalog

    That's a "thumbs-up" on Dick's. I'm very optimistic of the future there.

    I get any number of conflicting signals on JILL. The financials have a few redeeming qualities and some reserves for X amount of staying power. It's not a complete basket case. It's hard to find much positive in the recent operating results though and their profitability ratios stink. The sea change in the business model, I find, is promising but very worrisome. Critically, there is a fair amount of mistrust of management and questions as to whose interests they are serving. No less an authority than Brombonz has said as much (pardon me, brom, if I'm mischaracterizing your opinion).

    It would be easy to turn my back on this one and look elsewhere. Recent comments by brom and you on the improved clothing assortment are a big plus, along with the fact JILL serves a very attractive demographic group. Much to consider, although I see no burning need to be early on this one. I look forward to your comments on your purchases. Best regards.


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