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  • ltree1 ltree1 Dec 4, 1997 3:15 PM Flag

    Fool ratio?


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    • I don't know if this will help, but go to the web page:


      it defines price to sales as:

      Price/sales ratio

      Determined by dividing stock's current price by revenue per share (adjusted for stock splits). Revenue per share for the P/S ratio is determined by dividing revenue for past 12 months by number of shares outstanding.

      i hope this helps...

    • Hi MarketMovers:
      This is my first time on the message board and I am relatively new at investing! I have bought three stocks: DMMC, HOLX (Hologic) and THRX (Theragenics). I am doing best with THRX-its a prostrate cancer treatment. I bought it Jan. 12 at 41.375, its now at 54.

      Could you explain the price to sales ration and what its importance is?


    • I never said it meant much and I did state that the ratio isn't infallible. It is a tool after all. I used numbers going back 4 years and projections from First Call, among others, of 30%. The new management picks up the N vote using O'Neill's CANSLIM method. It's great that you've put your money where your mouth is and I like seeing stocks double. After all, that's why we're in this game.
      Apparently you see a double from here based on other issues than I was dealing with (in response to someones question). A basic consideration is what your entry point was. Mine would be 18 and I'm not convinced it's got all that much potential upside. The market will tell us what it thinks and irrespective of your opinion or mine. Personally, I wish you well.

    • I did the ratio and came up w/ a PEG of .88, a YPEG of .74, and a Y/YPEG of 1.41. The combined PEG is 1.01. Looks like it's topped out based on the Fool Ratio. It's not infallible, however.

    • Seems like a buy but it's still not moving.