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  • dystocks dystocks Mar 16, 2010 11:27 AM Flag

    My Theory for DDE, Please Read.

    Delaware has always been progressive for business. Look how many companies incorporate in Delaware!
    Right now online gambling is scary as far as safety and accuracy. If DDE took over online gambling it would be done honestly and safe.
    Delaware always has a budget issue. If Delaware decides to go after online gambling they will never have to worry about the budget again. This would create thousands of much needed jobs in delaware.
    Delaware State would partner with the Casino's in the State if they do this. They wouldn't do it on their own, I'm sure of that.
    This puts DDE in a great position!
    Online gambling is the next goldmine in the USA. People all across the World would use online gambling if they knew it was honest.
    If this were to happen, Delaware could lower taxes for people who live there. More people would move to Delaware because of low taxes and this would bring in even more money for the State. I believe if this took place stock prices for DDE could grow by 50 times. 3.80 to 190.00 dollars. This could happen. Delaware went after sports betting and table games didn't they? Delaware has someone in Washington who care about Delaware and it's people having jobs. Think about it please.

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    • Interesting theory, but online gaming won't happen in US any time soon. Federal telecommunications law bar gambling via any telecommunications means (some individual states do allow tele-wagering on horses via telephone; but this is still technically considered illegal at the federal level). The feds don't attempt to enforce it though as they actually do have bigger things to worry about.

      A few of the big casino companies conducted studies in 2004/2005 and positioned themselves when they thought the US might allow it. Then the feds barred credit card companies from allowing exchanges with off shore gambling companies, and basically re-asserted the current law.

      Would need a proposed fed law overhaul before expecting any US company to prepare for a move there again.

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      • Single game betting is not going to happen. The NFL shut that idea down in the courts.

        It's tough to make money on sports wagering anyways, although being the only state in the East to offer it would have helped a lot.

        If they get online poker, it will likely be intrastate only. Delaware's not big enough.

        Online slots is almost certainly a no go for a long time. If they ever got interstate online casino gaming it would open the doors to foreign gaming outfits thanks to free trade agreements.

        Table games would be a plus and it would create a trading opportunity.

        But DE is surrounded by gamng states like NJ and PA, and soon MD. I just don't see any great story here right now.

      • Yep, but I think someday the government will realize how much money leaves the USA and how much money would come into this country if honest USA takes online gambling dollars. Remember Delaware has a big time friend in Washington, we just call him Joe. It's silly for the government to let this money leave the country needlessly! Thankyou for your comments.

    • I heard they are pushing for single game betting. This would be huge. The State has a budget deficit, I believe the State is working with the casino's which is good news, the State will bring in alot of revenue if single game betting takes place. A win for the State and a win for the casino's equals a win for stockholders.I believe table games will bring in the crowds. Many of the new customers will play the high profit slots while they are there. DDE profits are going to grow, once again good for stock investors.

    • Why let other countries have all the Worlds online gambling dollars! If Delaware did it the World would use it, because it would be safe and honest. Delaware's online gambling could become the next NYSE. A World market place.

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      • Another theory I have, and it is only a theory, is it would be possible for an unscupulous Analyst to downgrade a stock in order to allow hedge funds an opportunity to buy stock cheap, right before a breakout. There is no reason for this stock to be downgraded with a 10p/e, or the fact table games and sports betting has come to DDE. If anything, DDE should be given an Analyst upgrade. But remember we live in a world with Bernie Madoff people in it.
        I've been honest with my theory, I have no trick up my sleeve.

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