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  • flyfisher_54 flyfisher_54 May 30, 2008 2:40 PM Flag


    I find it interesting how many bash Cramer. I don't believe I have ever heard Cramer say run out and buy or sell XYZ company. In fact he has gone out of his way to say DO NOT act for a least a few days, and do your DD prior to entering any trade.

    That said, it is only a fool/idiot that would simply do what anyone says with no DD or research and they get what they deserve - nothing or a loss...

    I use Cramer regularly for stock picks and ideas. I do research and low and behold, I have entered several of Cramers picks and have done very well. You must be selective and do your DD. Examples, he recommended HAL at $30 about a year ago, today it is at $48, more than a 50% return. I bought VLO a year ago after he said to buy. The stock was at $52 and I sold at $78 two months later, same type of scenarios for POT, FCX, MON, MOS, PBR, and the list goes on... use him for what he is, a place to get picks and ideas...THEN YOU as an investor need to do your part to ensure a good investment/trading decision.

    You see, he gives picks, but you have to filter through them, do your DD and act like a trader that knows something rather than some fool that flips on the tv and just does what he says, hell you might as well just do what people say on these boards...

    Actually Cramer is a very smart guy and has made more money that probably all of us put together, just use him for what he offers, picks and suggestions, just remember to do your part as well...

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    • I agree with your principal point that Cramer is a good source to come up with investment ideas. Sometimes he can be very misleading in what he says. Today, there is a post that he is advising taking some profits in WNR. I never heard him recommend buying WNR. In fact, it seems that on Mad Money he has continually said stay away from all of the refiners and has pushed his "SELL" button whenever any caller called in with a refiner to discuss.

    • Very well put. And we would all be trashed individually if subjected to the same level of scrutiny as him.

      You're right - aside from the animated TV bravado, he is actually a brilliant guy.

      I respect him but I don't follow his picks like a zombie. I knew last night he issued a 'sell' on WNR (mostly just due to the recent run up) but that did not stop me from opening a new long position today.

    • VERY VERY good post !!....I for one actually like and respect Cramer a lot, and your points are VERY good here...I watch Cramer almost every day and do lie you do..take his picks, research them and decide for myself..I really wouldn't peg him for getting anything wrong in the Lightning Round especially when he has just a few seconds to respond ! <--Unless it's a stock he knows very very well, I would take these recommendations in the ligthning round especially cautiously !...I have been reading one of Jim's books and will probably read some of the others as well !
      So, maybe he's wrong on WNR temporarily..but another thing I like about Cramer is that he comes out and says when he was dead wrong !...
      Anywho...I've been in and out of WNR in the last few months.... creeping back in with a few shares today..may add more next week..
      Good luck to all !!
      BOOYAH !!
      Are you ready SKEE-DADDY ?????

    • Your kidding. BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY
      RING The register
      And in the most obnoxious ways.
      The rest are all disclaimers that anyone in the investment field uses as it is required unless you invite lawsuits and fraud charges.
      Do you turn the volume off?

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      • I actually think he amusing. I jot down each buy recommendation he gives. Then I put them on a list to research. Several of his picks I throw out immediately, the next layer I check out and do some DD. If it looks good, I look at the MAs. If it is trading above the 200 and 50 DMAs and has momentum, I buy, usually 1/2 my position up front, then the remain 1/2 in two buys as the stock is moving UP. I set my own buy and sell targets, and use mental stops.

        Anyway, use his information for what is worth, information...

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