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  • bogeygolfee bogeygolfee Aug 6, 2011 12:01 PM Flag

    Monday wiii be a bloodbath on Wall St...

    And world markets. Dow will probably shed 500-700 points at close but don't be surprised to see an intraday move of -1000+. This country is in a mess and we have a bunch of clowns trying to fix it.

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    • My hope is that there are a ton of people shorting the market.. And I mean a ton..The more the better!
      Then its my hope that soon after there can be a massive short covering... What will happen on Monday.
      Well, let me just put in my 2 cents.. More times than not the market does the complete opposite of what you think will happen. Latest example ( and I am the first to admit that it cost me a ton), was many thought that after the Senate voted for the debt deal that the market would have a relief rally and slowly build. WOW, how wrong that turned out to be. I am just using this as an example. The market is like walking on an ice skating rink with shoes- its never easy - if you are too logical and think too pragmatically you can get burned. So many think Monday is going to be a bloodbath...Hummm. I cant say.. I am thinking it is even possible ( and I know this is a CRAZY thought), that at the end the market could actually rally as it might in a twisted way look at the downgrade as a positive thing to force more action. But we also have to focus on what the Europeans do Sunday and what our Fed might say or do. THIS is what really counts. ...JMHO....D

    • You couldnt be more wrong ya idiot!


    • How are they going to fix a quarter of century of economic mess?

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