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  • dalerobin777 dalerobin777 Sep 6, 2011 9:07 AM Flag

    You guys win....

    And we are suppost to take seriously anything coming from someone who was shot thru the brain ?

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    • I am not shure about your "WE" but I take what Dave says and posts quite seriously and with utmost respect.

      By the way, am I "suppost" to take you seriously.


    • nobody takes you seriously "nortie" the pervert


    • can you imagine... i USED TO WORK REMOTE FROM MY BOSS.... as she was part of the chain of command.. that sorta bought me... and she knew all about me being hit ny an AK.... and one day.. I had just returned from seeing this neurologist.. only to had this licensed physician.. comment .. that i was missing one third of my brain.. and that happen the first day I met My boss... as we went to lunch... the entire afternoon.. she was in a state of awl!!!! as she set in my office and just looked at my scans...
      dont ever have laser surgery..

    • hey .. thats cute.... I have more contracts signed obligating the feds as well as your tax dollars... which.. i already KNOW THE DANGERS of that mere comment.... BUT AND.. ALL MY TRAINING WAS ORAL... AND WHEN THEY USE THE TERM...."GOOD" it meant the best... at what I did... wasn't never social... but it was always about the mission and challenged ... hahaha always... and in the name of defense....

      I remember getting the mission / requirement at or close to 3 pm... for a signer.... and had put out the local word.. I NEEDED A signer ./.. at 9 am./... well most people aren't always setting by the phone... to do business .. and by 7 .. the CDR. informed my boss to give it up.... well she came me.. and said the mission was scrubbed and under one of those F,A.R Rues require notification must me with the approval of the contracting officer... so I just said NO...... got my quote at or around 7 p.m.... placed my contract.. walked in the CDR'S and informed the mission was completed and then said .. Hey Suppo... dont EVER COME TO ME.... AND JUST SAY .. WE ere scrubbing the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't do it again!!!!SIR!!!!!!!! and walked away...
      so if or whether i was missing one third of my brain... i was considered ... not just good .. but of the best... as long as it didn't require any computer skills.. no concept... so you figure... take a look at FAR 46.202 .. QUALITY ASSURANCE....

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